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What it will take to beat the Saints**

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The Bucs Week 1 game will be remembered for one of two things:

1. The Panthers stepped up after being beat in a winnable game and really rallied to take control and be the team we all knew they could be.

2. The Bucs loss left a bad taste in the team's mouth and they were really never able to bounce back after losing week 1. With the 8th pick in the 2013 draft, the Panthers select....

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I'll say it: Panthers 0-2 after this week. Sorry. I was wrong on the bucs game so I hope I'm wrong on this one, too.

This game is a c*nt's hair away from being labeled a "must win" - and if the Panthers lose Sunday, maybe these 6-10/7-9 predictions we were laughing at could end up being correct.

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As a Saints* fan I will chime in to say this would be a good plan against the Saints*. I think you nailed some key items here. It has the makings for a good game if both teams show up and shake off the lousy performances of last week.


Pressure Brees up the middle with stunts and LB blitzes. He's not as accurate when his view is blocked with big bodies, even if you don't get to him. If he can step up, he'll kill ya.

Keep a man on Sproles at all times - only leave him after you're sure the ball isn't going his way.

Double Graham with a LB underneath and a S overtop.

The offensive game plan last week seemed to just see how many times we can throw the ball. I know this is a passing league but we only had 10 rush attempts last week. And the passing game was either off or on with no in between. Brees was missing the mark wide 5 yards hitch routes to the WR's. Ugly ugly effort but then there were some flashes of the offense that is in the top of the league. For a team carrying 6 RB's (5+one FB) we don't use them very well.


Don't give their blitzers a chance to get going, and make em pay/hesitant with RB/WR screens.

Quick 3 step drops with a lot of underneath routes (slants). I think RGIII averaged a little over 2 seconds per pass attempt from the time of the snap. Also, heavy on the crossing routes. Their secondary is soft and gets lost with picks and crosses. And the refs are not calling picks. That 88 yarder to Garcon looked to be a blatant pick to me.

RGIII did look great. For someone as accurate as he was I am not sure why they would run him as much as they say they might btw. I have seen you guys hit the quick pass with great success and if you get that going early you will move the ball at will. Our defense seemed to get better in the 2nd half but it is still a work in progress. Who knows if it will become a real defense or not. Giving up 40 points is a lot of points. Even in the era of this arena league type of offenses we see now. As for the refs..whew. Yeah that was a pick - one of many I saw on Sunday in other games. They want call a pick but they will surely call PI with no hesitaton. We had a bad one against us on 4th down that gave the Skins first and goal. Later on somehow a 4 and 6 ended up first down after a 5 yard call against the Saints*. But the Skins really did beat us and have given us fits through the years. 3-4 defenses are the hardest for Drew to deal with at least it seems that way to me.

Anyway I am not sure how this game goes. Coming up to Charlotte wtih a tag team coaching staff, a new DC could be a long day for the Saints*. I am not sure what to make of you guys either. The two TE's and Double Trouble were a tough combo last year. Did you guys change philospophy abit? I know JStew was out but you have Tolbert right? Missing Shockey maybe? Cam did look abit hesitant to run or throw on Sunday but the Bucs had him running on every play. I don't think the Saints* will be able to duplicate that same type of pressure. Or if they do it will be huge surprise to me. I may be at the game - where do you guys tailgate?

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Win the turnover and time of possession battles. I'd say we need to pressure Brees, but he looked pretty bad even with time to throw. I think the holdout and lack of coaching are hurting his game.

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Good defense and a offense that can score 30+ points. Need to get front 4 pressure and contest every throw Brees makes.

No its not going to be a cake walk and our team needs to play lights out if they even want it to be close.

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