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Dear Saints "fans",

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This may come off as smack talk, if so I don't apologize,

- To the "Saints fan" that yelled "Who Dat" in line behind me going into the game; I'm sorry that I berated you until you admitted to actually being a Browns fan that was only cheering for the Saints because your fat girlfreind is a "fan".

- To the two Steeler fans that walked through our tailgate with those ugly ass jerseys on; I'm sorry that I yelled for you all to sell your tickets or take off your fugging jerseys.

- To the two guys wearing afro wigs and black suits with Who Dat stenciled on the back; I'm sorry for following you all the way down Moorehead and asking you when you started cheering for the Saints. I'm also sorry that you couldn't answer my questions.

- To the fat, stinky heffer driving the Prius trying to pull out in traffic with Saints poo plastered all over that piece of crap hybrid; I'm sorry for laughing at you and flipping you off while not letting you out of your parking lot.

- To every idiot wearing a Drew Brees jersey that couldn't even iron out the fold creases before putting it on; I'm sorry for calling you bandwagon swamp trash.

- To the three idiots that were dressed up like gold and black mexican wrestlers; I wish you would have taken me up on my challenge in the parking lot.... pussies.

- Fug the Saints. You guys are irrelevant.

- Move on to NYG.

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This is hilarious. You're lucky it wasn't Who Dat Pat that you challenged. Because you know he is a professional black belt samuri warrior wwf champion. Oh I forgot that he was a Bucs fan now.

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There was a giant stink over between 3rd and 4th street off of S Graham due to a large gathering of the inbred black and gold swamp rats... smelled it as soon as we exited off 77 then unfortunately drove right by them... how does CMPD allow such a gathering?

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