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Dear Saints "fans",

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jayflip    4,361

Meanwhile SaintJ is changing his name to CamJ (since PantherJ is already taken by a respectable human being).

fug you SaintJ

fug you who dat pat

fug you breezing2anothertoiletbowl

fug you swamp-ass black and gold wearing bandwagon fugtards who probably think Drew Brees was the best draft pick the saints ever made.

fug you Roman Harper.

fug you Sean "do your job, cuz I can't do mine" Payton.

fug you every single person in this world who sports that gay looking fluer de poo.

Represent for us who can't be there, SCP.

Cheating bounty ass dirty saints can go fug themselves and eat my day after drinking sh!ts.

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Jase    12,466

There was a giant stink over between 3rd and 4th street off of S Graham due to a large gathering of the inbred black and gold swamp rats... smelled it as soon as we exited off 77 then unfortunately drove right by them... how does CMPD allow such a gathering?

sounds like a health department issue.

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X-Clown    728

My favorite experience at the stadium yesterday was to watch this fat dude talk trash after the opening drive and then pretty much remain seated as everyone berated him for the rest of the day. By the end of the day we had as many rushing TDs as he had hot dogs on his neck, something that was very fun to point out to him.

My 2nd favorite were these 20 year old kids who looked like they drank beer for the first time ever, wearing khaki shorts and boat shoes with brand new Brees jerseys, resorting to talk smack about Cam being a criminal and how they can't have fun clubbing in Charlotte.

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MadHatter    9,513

You shoudl have seen the group tailgating right beside the Huddle Tailgate. At first there was a guy with a Panthers jersey, one with a Steelers jersey, one with a Cowboys jersey and one with a Redskins jersey. Kind of like an All-Star tailgating crew. Then about 30 minutes later another guy shows up with a Falcons jersey.

So, the be my normal sarcastic self (and after I was about 8 beers into a 14 beer cooler), I wandered over to chat it up with them. Told them that at first we were thinking they were an All-Star Tailgating Crew, until the Falcons Fan showed up. Then we were wondering when they added Tailgating as an event at the Special Olympics.

Needless to say, they did not find my humor nearly as funny as I did.

I quickly returned to the safe confines of the Huddle Tailgate and hid behind Tattoo Rhino.

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Chaos    8,370

SCP, once again, you deliver better than I hoped. I've been waiting for a recap of your pregame and stadium encounters with swamp hicks and wanna-be's.

I figured it was taking awhile since you likely had to make bail and get out of lockup before you could post.

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dkmilitary    103

This is our first year with season tickets to Panthers. I have seen quite a few games at different stadiums over the years . I have never seen such a smorgesborg of jerseys at one game. The preseason I saw Vikings, Eagles, Pats ect but the kicker was the Jim Kelly jersey .. I mean really the guy retired back in 96 put that sucker on moth balls in the basement . I was like wow did you look at your ticket before you left the house?

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