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Jessie Ventura live on Piers Morgan show.

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 03:03 PM

Personally, I didnt think we were going to see hyperinflation after QE1 or QE2. Just because the state gets richer, doesnt mean the populace, or the country as a whole is better off. The real unemployment rate is reaching all-time highs these days; not to mention people arent making as much money as they used to, and are still losing their asses on investments that have since depreciated significantly since the beginning of the recession. Added to that, we are about to face the largest tax hike this country has ever seen in a little over 3 months from now. The strategy of the banking cartel is to rob all the real wealth of this country, via manipulation of our currency and the system itself, which is exactly what we are seeing happen today.

Unemployment rate is down from a high of over over 10% to 8.3%. People that suggest that unemployment+change in labor force should be used forget that many who leave the labor force are retirees, as the country gets older. Unemployment will continue to come down over the next few years. Real incomes are flat since 07, but they are up, sharply, over the longer run. Not sure when you think the Anglo-American banking cartel took over, but I assume it's the same one that's been in place for decades. Real income is on a steady upward trend since the Industrial Revolution. Also, hours worked is down, life expectancy is up, infant mortality is down, violent crime is down(started down in the 80's, was on an upward trend until then), more people take vacations, more people graduate from college, fewer struggle with hunger or disease. Not sure what investments you think have depreciated since the start of the recession. Do you mean since before the recession? Since 07, houses are down and stocks are basically flat, but most other investments have surpassed their pre-recession highs. Since the start of the recession, when asset values fell sharply, pretty much everything is up, even housing. Housing indexes looking strong today, BTW, so the weakest sector in the economy may be gaining strength. You say you don't predict hyperinflation, but you think the cartel is manipulating our currency. Do you think this is benign manipulation? if so, does it even matter? If they really are devaluing the currency, and that makes a difference, how do you suppose there wouldn't be inflation? And can you explain the mechanism by which devaluation of currency would allow banks to appropriate wealth? Dollars would be worth less, but real wealth, ie, physical assets; homes, capital machinery, farmland, raw materials, would still be in the hands of individuals and firms. How does making the dollars worth less help the banks? The banks give out loans largely on fixed interest rates, so if a guy owes you $1,000 and dollars are suddenly only worth half as much, he still only pays you $1,000. Even though that's worth what $500 was before. So inflation screws lenders and helps borrowers. It's true that banks are sometimes borrowers too, but I don't think you'd ever find an economist who would say that devaluation of currency helps the banking system on net.

Once all the gold that was stolen from Asia is returned to them...they are planning on launching the largest humanitarian effort the planet has ever seen. This 50-100 trillion in Gold is going to be used to launch a new global financial system. This operation has been in the works for the past 30 years, with Neil Keenan and the White Dragon Society at the reigns. The money will be spread out across the planet to ensure not one person on the globe is without food, shelter, (legit) medicine, clothing, etc, ever again. We're looking at some $100,000 per every person on the planet that will be allocated in the form of food, shelter, energy, and city/community needs. The goal is to eventually get off a currency all together. I do think we will be seeing these changes sooner than later...and it will be for the much much better.

Holy freaking poo, currency-free White Dragon Society benign global socialism alert! I couldn't understand your argument before, but that's only because I hadn't grasped the awesomeness of the White Dragon Society's plan to recover their stolen gold and provide everyone in the world with a utopian carefree existence. It's all coming together now.

EDIT: If you were joking/being sarcastic about the White Dragon Society thing, good job, you totally got me. I responded as if you actually believed that.

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Posted 24 September 2012 - 11:15 PM

I'd vote for Jesse for the sole reason of telling the parties to go f8ck themselves