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Score prediction Week 3

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Carolina defense continues where they left off against NO and keeps the NYG receivers quiet. Most of NY's offense will go on the ground and to tight ends just as with Brees. Given NYG run game is hurting, I only see four field goals coming from NYG.

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24-21, OT victory for the Panthers.

Cam gets Smitty a TD through the air against that weak secondary, and we get two ground TD's, one for Cam. You know on national TV the Superman jersey rip will take place.

Medlock seals it in the OT. I party all night and take a sick day Friday.

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34-24 Giants.

Well, I am a Giants fan and I posted here a few years ago before the first season

game in the new Giants stadium. I think that after combining for 389ish yards last week,

Nicks and Cruz are pretty difficult to stop. That home opener had Nicks scoring

three touchdowns against the Panthers a couple years ago. Nicks is hobbled though so

it's up to Cruz and Bennet. The Giants also have some talented WR back-up (hixon is out with

a concussion).. Giants fans love Bradshaw (jammed neck), but are really excited about seeing

David Wilson in action. He flashed big time in the preseason. JPP might be the most disrupted

force in the NFL. Don't let one sack fool you, watch the tape, the hurries, and the pressure. Remember

him manhandling Jordan Gross last pre-season? The LB core is improved and Keith Rivers was the 2nd best

player the Giants had the first game (JPP had 6 QB pressures and plenty of tackles.) Of course he missed

the Tampa game.

The bad so far is that Osi and Tuck have been non-existent. There has been double teams and

quick routes most games, all game long, but they still need some pressure (JPP and Linval Joseph are

being very disrupted and Joseph is quietly becoming a huge force in this league.) The secondary is bad.

Webster is very underrated and a probowl talent, but not this year, not so far. Coe played okay and Tryon has

been scorched. Hopefully with rookie Hosley back in the slot and the Prince playing as the 2nd cb, they will

perform better this game.

Well, be nice to me, I hate the Saints and love the lovely ladies forum.

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Panthers 38 Giants 17

cam throws for 400+ yards hitting smith olsen and murphy for a td while rushing for one himself. Williams breaks off a long td run and medlock kicks a 54 yard fg

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