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If you have ESPNews...

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I think Charles kept accidentally pressing the buttons on his phone during the interview. :lol:


Eight months later and I still go crazy every time I see it... it's so beautiful.

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I would like my pie to be in the form of a pizza pie, thank you. ;)

Jonathan Coachman: Let's bring in now from the Carolina Panthers, safety Charles Godfrey. He had a big game Sunday against the Saints: 11 total tackles, and also an interception for a touchdown. Hey, Charles! Sunday, nice bounceback for you guys. What did your defense do so well to kind of limit Drew Brees and keep him out of sync?

Charles Godfrey: Well, we knew Drew Brees was a great quarterback. We knew we had to get pressure. Our D-line did a great job of getting pressure up front, and us on the back end. You know, just sticking with our assignment and doing what we had to do to those good receivers and Drew Brees.

JC: Now Charles, when you have Cam Newton and that offense on the other side of the ball and you know that they can score a lot of points, does it change your approach as a defense at all?

CG: No, it really doesn't. The way we look at it as a defense is we have to do what we have to do. Let those guys play. You know, sometimes it doesn't go that way. Those guys struggle sometimes, but us as a defense we look at it and we just do our job: going in each week knowing that we have to stop the opponent from scoring.

JC: A lot of people in the offseason, including myself, has made your team kind of a sexy pick to make the playoffs this year. Are you guys a playoff team?

CG: Yeah, we are. We are a playoff team, and we're going to continue to play like a playoff team. You know, that's how it goes, but obviously you take one game at a time. I think that's something that we harp on as a team and also as a defense, being playoff-caliber, and that's what we're continuing to do.

JC: Now the biggest off-the-field story Sunday was Brian Stropolo, who was the side judge who was scheduled to work your game, and he was a die-hard Saints fan. What was the reaction of your team when you heard about this?

CG: I was happy that they figured it out before the game started. You know, that probably wouldn't have been a good deal for us, having a Saints fan calling our game. They worked it out, so it worked out for us.

JC: Alright, no time to waste for you guys, home Thursday against the Giants. Eli Manning went nuts, especially in the fourth quarter on Sunday against Tampa. Is it any more difficult to face a quarterback like Eli on a short week?

CG: Yes it is. You have limited time to prepare for a great quarterback with great receivers. Those guys' chemistry is real good, so we took a little extra time. You know, you have to take some of that time off and get in and watch a little extra film and kind of put in the extra time so that you can get ahead on those guys.

JC: Well, a chance to improve to 2-1, big Thursday night game against the defending champions. Charles Godfrey, thank you so much for the time!

CG: Alright, thanks for having me!

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Picky, picky. :P

I thought about uploading it to YouTube... but I just know they'll pull some copyright garbage, even though this isn't an interview that a lot of people care about.

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Guest Bwood



We suck, Rivera is going to get fired after this year, Cam is going into a slump, Smitty is too old, our only good defensive players are injury prone...

Don't let us get over hyped.

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