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Giant fan talk

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If you're bored as hell, here is some poo to read from the Giant's forum.

If you don't care well...why did you click the thread?

OP: Hello Giants Fans,Panthers PSL holder here. I just wanted to stop in and wish your squad good luck Thursday Night - I'll be there cheering on Carolina in what I think will be a pretty hotly contested matchup. Big Blue gets plenty of respect down here in Carolina.

What I like:

If the Panthers can establish the run game, Cam has 7 or 8 guys to toss the ball to.

Greg Olsen - You can either shut him down or shut Smitty down - you can't do both.

Improved Panthers D Line - can get pressure on Eli, I believe. Especially at home.

All the points the Giants D have given up so far.. What is it... 58?

Ya'll barely beat Tampa - Yeah, they beat us, but we are definitely a better football team than the Bucs, period.

What I Don't like

:Manning in the 4th quarter scares me. Plus,the Panthers are not a come from behind team.

The Panthers secondary. If we lose this game, its more than likely because of this.

At any rate, its too close for this Panthers fan to call. Good luck, guys."

"You said we cant stop Olsen and Smith, but could stop one. Ok, we chose to stop Smith. Olsen will stop himself. The key is stopping Cam Newton. Giants do that they win.

Oh and have fun watching your team stop EITHER Nicks or Cruz. "

"I now live in the Carolina area and watch the Panthers as well as the Giants.

Smith, Cam and Williams scare me the most.

The way I look at this is we play them the way we played the Eagles in 2010 and 2011 until that last game last year. The Eagles have Maclin, Jackson, Shady and Vick. We did pretty well with the exception of the game we dare not speak of. Similar style offense but with a different D and two WRs. The Saints aren't used to running QBs and we are for the most part with Vick and Romo all those years and even in that opener we didn't do a horrible time against Romo. Austin and Witten were pretty corralled. Bryant was the one who burned us and we were missing a key DB and run stopper and both are expected to play so no promises but that should help.

I expect a shootout and it coming down to it late in the 4th."

"Lol my dude I don't know how to tell you this but you Los to the Bucs who are ok and you beat the saints who lost to the redskins who just lost to St. Louis. The Panthers are not in the same league as the Giants I hope you realize that... Because you talk about them like they are the second coming of the 07 patriots offense. Greg Olsen got ran out of town in Chicago and Steve smith is good but very old. Relax and worry about our weapons which are the best in the league ?

"Aww how cute. The two fans of trophy-less teams are squaring off. At least Carolina has a legitimate excuse... they're still a relatIvely young franchise who actually made it to the big game and almost won. Philly on the other hand has been getting slapped around the NFC East for decades and had the great opportunity to watch a different team from the division hold up the Lombardi 12 times. It sucks to be a 0-2 Superbowl loser Philly fan. "

OP: "1-1 seems awesome after the first half on sunday. I was disappointed with the effort vs Dallas, and the first half vs TB. I stll dont think this team has even came close to playing their brand of ball to their ability.

A win vs Carolina could change that. We are coming off a 2nd half similar to last year vs STL in week 2. We carried that over to Philly and a nice little run. I believe this is a 10 plus win team. we just havent seen that team from the postseason yet. I think we see them more closer to that SB run team, than the first half vs TB.

Then we'd have a nice break for guys to get fresh, which we desperately need. We'll be another two weeks closer to gettng Canty back, (how badly he's been missed huh) and I think we can peel off a nice long win streak.

Carolina has a short week too dont forget that. I believe Eli will have an epic performance and help carry us while everyone gets up to speed. "

"I think this team has one dominate victory in them but not against Carolina. At this point, I think we have a better chance of doing that to the Saints or the easy choice of the Weeden led Browns. "

"Yeah, a couple of those points were exactly in my line of thinking. Everyone is saying we will have no trouble containing Cam because we play Vick and Romo x2 a year (and now RG3) but I think that is BS. These types of QBs are the most difficult to predict and game plan for. I am really hoping we can force Cam to throw short and mid-range balls because I feel like that is his weakness and when he is most prone to throw a pick. "

OP: "Panthers offense- Shotgun draw option mainly designed to slow down the pass rush. Defense has to stay home and get good push at the line. There's a power sweep that is gonna need safety support keying in on the pulling guard. Against a four man rush qb will often look the opposite way of his first read which gives the appearance of a second read. Defense must expect the ball to go to opposite side of initial look. Against show blitz qb will look for man to man isolation deep sideline route or run if not contained. Inside opponents five yard line they tend to qb draw strong side with hb lead block, hb draw middle, or quick pass to outside isolation.

Panthers defense- In base 4-3 inebackers over play the run, but regain ground quickly, this makes them succeptible to big formation play action with man to man on outside and tight end in the seams, or misdirection running. When the defense is spread out in nickels and dimes they have a difficult time stopping the run. The linebackers also get a lot of depth when spread out which makes them vulnerable to screens and draws. By getting depth while spread out it makes it difficult to attack the seams down field. To attack downfield it is better suited with big formations and play action. "

"Contain Cam Newton by making him move around in the back field and out of the O-line's field of awareness. Punish Newton on any runs he makes. Stop Williams. Play disciplined football on the defense.

Offense. Get ahead and then soften them up with a bit of running from Brown and hopefully Wilson. "

OP: "This is kind of exciting as I always wondered if this College offense would work in the stuffy old NFL.

This is far more dangerous than the Wildcat, which is more of a direct snap run or pass formation

The way to defeat it is to bring the house but we rarely do that.........this is going to put a ton of pressure on our LBers and DBs

We might have to outscore these guys as our DC is not the most adaptable guy in the universe.

I think we will win but I think it might be a high scoring game"

"Seems like something that would beat us. Once anyone gets moving outside the pocket against our front seven it seems impossible to bring them down. "

OP: "I'm a big panthers fan and i always watch their games and as much as they have angered me with their sucking, the talent they have this year is scary. The weapons they have is ridiculous and their offensive coordinator is a very smart, creative man. If we cant force cam to have to stay in the pocket and we cant shut down their running game there's no way in my honest opinion we can win and it pains me to say that because i'm a die hard giants fan as well. "

OP: "...usually one of the linebackers but none of them are quick enough to get cam, maybe boley but he has a bad leg doesnt he??? maybe put will hill out their?? and put rolle at the nickle corner, or maybe hosley spy on him but he is too small to tackle him??? soo im thinking rolle maybe?? hill maybe?? or boley?? who will spy ?? kiwi?? how about osi at outside linebacker?!?!? would be awesome have him on the spy he does run a 4.5 40 he could run him down the main game plan is too stop cam. "

"i know our d can reach a much higher level of play. i just dont see it being this thur. night vs carolina.

i believe we will win in somewhat of a shootout. our offense should continue from that 2nd half vs TB. We just need our defense to make one or two key stops to ensure we score more than them with eli leading the O. And with 44 not playing, I expect us to pass the rock a lot and use Brown/Wilson after we've set their d up.

with vick, who is as fast as cam i'd say if not quicker, we used jwill to spy on a lot of snaps. i suspect it'd be him, and a wildcard in this, Rivers if he is active. He most def has the athleticism needed to spy/contain cam "

"Yeah I agree, we definitely need to continue with the offense we used against Tampa. This is Eli's team... use the pass to setup the run and not the other way around. Our receivers are way too talented for us to be running some old school, conservative approach. We need to start burying teams and disposing of em early.

Carolina is a fast starting team but like one of their fans said, they're not finishers. Our team is the total opposite... we start slow but we're the masters of finishing.

Cam Newton is a handful, probably somebody you can't completely shutdown but you can force him into making mistakes. Although he's already a phenomenal player I don't think he has completely arrived yet. This is his first time playing against a Manning in a regular season matchup though so I think he's gonna leave it all out on the field Thursday night with an incredible performance. Should be a very entertaining game that we should win."

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most seem to have a decent respect for the panthers offense and cam against their D.

i expect there to be some small minded people looking down on the panthers saying they aren't in the giants league right now...but they barely got by the bucs and lost to the cowboys who got absolutely spanked by the seahawks. i don't think they have any room to feel comfortable right now. neither team does.

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I read through that entire thread earlier while I was doing my weekly "I'm bored at work I'll troll opponent's message boards" dance.

They're a pretty respectful bunch over there (other than the one douchey Iggles fan trying to be an ass in every post?). They're obviously proud of their team and they talk their share of poo but I didn't leave the board feeling like I needed a shower.

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I like reading through other fan's opinions of our team. Thanks for not making me visit their boards, I like to see these kind of posts every week.

Major note is that they seem to be more civil than most other fanbases (Maybe the Jets took up all the douchey NYers) and I'm surprised by how frightened they seem to be of DWill while no one even mentions JStew or even Tolbert.

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I like reading through other fan's opinions of our team. Thanks for not making me visit their boards, I like to see these kind of posts every week.

Major note is that they seem to be more civil than most other fanbases (Maybe the Jets took up all the douchey NYers) and I'm surprised by how frightened they seem to be of DWill while no one even mentions JStew or even Tolbert.

You'd think they'd be worried about Stewart after he ran all over them in '09

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