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People happy about us facing a depleted Giants team.

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PantherPhann89    858

The fug is wrong with you?

If you want us to be respected, beating a maligned Giants team at home, primetime or not, is not the way to do it. Sack up. I wish they were healthy so we could legitimately claim to have shat on them when we win.

Should we be upset that they're not at full strength? No, we shouldn't be. The game will be played regardless of how many players are injuried on either team, this is just in our favor. When it's all said and done, I hope it's 1 for the win column...

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L-TownCat    12,243

Dumb thread is dumb.

I guess I'm old school but I believe in the uniforms that are worn not those who wear them.

If that's a bit too vague let me reiterate, I believe in football. I love the Panthers. I'm not necessarily a players fan but a team fan. Name on the front of the jersey not the one on the back.

Whoever shows up in Charlotte wearing an opposing color needs to be beaten no matter who is wearing it.

Just Win Damnit.

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stankowalski    2,768

Who cares about respect? What we need are wins, like enough to get into the playoffs.

All you can play are the games you are presented with. Win them and then worry about stuff like respect in the offseason.

Gotta agree with this. After all we've had our share of injuries.

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Fiz    878

Its as if people don't realize this is a personal test of honor reminiscent of the duels to the death of yesteryear which involve the unsullied honor of millions of spectators who quite literally have nothing to do with the outcome.

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Mr. Scot    35,040

I don't really care that much what people outside the fanbase think of us.

With that said, I'm never one to be happy about another team's player being injured. I'd rather beat a team at full strength than beat a depleted team.

If we're the best, then we're the best, and we don't need other teams hurt to prove it.

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rayzor    10,821

this situation probably puts more pressure on us Not To Lose.

too true.

i'm not happy about the losses in personnel because this puts even more pressure to win. if we somehow don't pull it off, how would that look.

if we win, we are simply doing what we should have done regardless of who they have on the field. if we lose, though, then we've lost to a team that is much less than 100%, but as long as we put up a fight i wouldn't be too upset because this is essentially the same team with the same personnel we are facing that beat the patriots in the superbowl last year.

still, this puts extra pressure to come out with a win. there's no skirting around that. i think it's easier for us to do that but that eli is a dangerous QB.

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