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Official Giants - Panthers gameday thread..

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Silent Majority    1,279

now the game is officially over..let all the bitching start.. this team lacks fire..when they get punched in the mouth they just get knocked out.. the coaching staff is going to hurt this team..they cant adapt..1 thing about the fox era was that his teams were always ready (exception of 2010 season) but rivera doesnt show anything..cam newton looks like he doesnt care..and its getting old..flame on..and newton with another interception..black qbs dont make it in the nfl..sorry guys

Trollin' trollin' trollin...get a life.

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NanuqoftheNorth    7,921

i've given up completely on hurney ever being fired. he's got a job so long as jerry is alive.

Knowing that, if Mr. Hurney had any sense of honor, he would resign. He has had ample opportunity to prove his worth to this organization.

Mediocrity, thy name is Marty Hurney.


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umm..his teams didnt get outcoached 2 many times bud

yeah he did. it happened a lot after 2005.

your historical revisionism is pathetic.

his response to the eagles' blitz in the 2009 opener, for one of numerous examples, looked as bad or worse than the game we called on offense tonight.

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