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Official Giants - Panthers gameday thread..

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I feel foolish at times, hoping every year that this will be the year that the team will turn the corner, only to be disappointed yet again.

Then I think of what Steve Smith has to deal with. Every year, giving his all for an organization that seems OK with half assing it and just getting by. Apparently satisfied with mediocrity.

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this was just so reminiscent of the later fox years.

on the big stage with a chance for a big statement game? come out flat as fug and get humiliated in front of a national audience confirming every negative opinion people had of you.

Before I start, I get that Fox sucked for a few years before he left. I agree.

That said, at least we had an identity when he was our coach. We were a tough group with usually good line play on both sides. I fuging hate this soft-ass, mopey, streaky, triple double alpha spread zone double read finesse team that Rivera has made us. Our defense is complete poo and has been for a while. We pick up whatever fell off the San Diego scrap heap, splash in FA for another RB and draft ANOTHER fuging LB in the first. Cornerback? Lol. DT? Lol. Safety? Lol. Surprise! The defense sucks!

Also, on offense, fuging run the ball. I think it's fuging awesome that South Montana Technical runs this bitching cool new age triple read zone dog pistol spread, but how about a straight fuging handoff that doesn't take 14 fuging seconds to develop?

McDermott was poo in Philly. Ron knows him, so boom, that's our guy. ST coach has sucked since we got him, Rivera keeps him. Chud can't call a game until sometime between the 2nd and 3rd quarter, nothing changes. All on our fuging cardboard cutout of a head coach.

Anyways, Cam at best is slumping, at worst is starting to smell of Vince Young, and needs to actually try to lead a team rather than pouting and sulking the second we're in a hole. Our OLine looks like poo, we have zero speed at WR and DeAngelo looks average. On defense, other than Johnson, Gamble and Beason (provided he ever gets back to form - he's looked bad thus far this season) we have nothing.

Anyways, way to poo the bed and embarrass yourselves on national TV guys.

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