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Where Cam Has To Improve

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The guy got away with a ton last year, Now teams know how to play him. I said it when he was drafted and will say it again, in the NFL you must read defenses and throw the ball accurately first, second, third and forth THEN run.

the kid can't read NFL Defenses. Look at him back there, deer in the headlights.

Chud is the problem. Like I've said since the offseason, ONLY WILLIAMS, STEWART AND TOLBERT need to be running the freaking ball, I don't care what Cam can do.

You're stunting his growth otherwise.

You don't need Stewart playing to run the fuging ball.

Line up with the backs BEHIND CAM, and start from there, so your backs can get forward momentum going.

I'm sick of seeing backs getting the ball while standing still or unsure they'll get it, which limits their burst.

Chud's an idiot, and YES, I said the same last year. They didn't start winning until they started letting their backs do their jobs, AND THEY WON'T this year either.

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