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I am very concerned.

Second game this year this team looked not ready.

The buck stops with Rivera although the Coordinators are questionable.


1. i just do not understand with a team that has as fast a DLINE as the Giants, the slow developing calls.

2. or going at JPP, come on their best DLINE and we are going were he is playing and not adjusting.

3. 3, 4, 5 receiver sets when our OLINE can't stop the rush.

4. read option, please, just please. Doing it once in a while, OK, but, what has happened to the basic I formation.

5. how about getting that 'blocking' TE in the game and giving Newton protection.

6. an observation, and again, before I get blasted, I am a Cam supporter. When Newton makes the mistake, the minute he makes the mistake, where is the correction from the head coach. I mean, honest to God how can someone who calls his starting QB 'Mr Mopeyhead' be taken seriously.

Can you see Tom Coughlin or or Tomlison, any of them, not taking control of that situation?

7. Surely there must be someone, somewhere who can play guard better than Hangartner, there has just got to be.

Defensively, where to even start, and why bother, we took a cast off from the Eagles as D coordinator, and the Panthers Defense looks very much like that defense used to.

Special teams, why bother.

Finally, and make no mistakeI support Cam, he is a young player, loads of potential, but, he needs in my opinion, a tough father figure on that sideline to hold him accountable.

He needs to ditch the towel and sitting on the bench by himself, indicating to players and coaches, you come to me, I don't come to you.

I'll get torched for this statement; but, its what I see and what I feel.

Saying 'that's how he deals with frustration,' how's that working for him, and more importantly how's that working for the team.

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