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So this is The Cam Apologists board?

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Personally, I don't care how you act in the Press conference, on the sideline, whatever, just so long as you give 100% effort on the field and your teammates play for you and the team.

Now while I do give some of the blame to the O-line, I also have to give some to Cam. All of his bad throws were not with pressure in his face. Honestly his strength in the pocket and ability to avoid defenders and make a play is one strength he is supposed to bring to our team. Part of the reason he has potential to be great because even when the O-Line is off he can make them look better. When he made these plays in the past we celebrated him, so when he does not make these plays he deserves the criticism.

Cam is a good young quarterback, who still has lots of time to grow. Some criticism is fair, but I don’t believe the team as a whole is that great. Put cam on the Washington Redskins this year and I believe he is looking far better than RG III. He deserves some blame, but so does about 95% of this team/organization.

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Yes, if there is won thing Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were known for it was his ability to except defeat with grace.

Some of the greatest winners were winners because it physically hurt them to lose. Because they took it harder than others. That is what drives them, that fear of losing.

Deal wit it.

No one said a winner doesn't take it hard, personally, hate it, etc. I'd like to see fire, anger, threats of revenge...anything but what Cam does. What's next - thumb sucking?

Smith, Kalil, Gross, and apparently RR today, have various issues with Cam's demeanor in adverse situations. It doesn't matter what you or I think. It does matter what the team thinks, and it is clear that they see the need for a change. Deal with that.

For those who say you don't care what he does on the sidelines, in the locker room, and in pressers, open your eyes and ears. All of those things transfer to the field and affect morale. Whether he is under the towel or like he was in the presser, Cam is presenting himself poorly.

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A team of overpaid veterans who've grown used to losing dont like our star QBs attitude and demeanor. Boo hoo.

That is our problem.

Cam said winning isn't something you just wake up and do, it's a lifestyle.

The problem with the Panthers is it is full of losers with loser attitudes including Marty Hurney. They have no idea what being a winner is like, and that takes effect when you go against teams like the Giants.

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Cam doesn't like losing.

I am fine with that.

I wish our coaching staff felt the same way.

I agree with you.

Cam is visible. The coaches not as much.

Rivera doesn't do 'Superman' impressions' or Gatorade commercials, and GQ ads.

Cam does.

When a person seeks the lime light,or the lime light seeks the person, its glare burns sometimes.

Cam's getting burned now. We will find out a lot about him in Atlanta and this season.

I hope he comes out and beats the living hell out of Atlanta; but, that's hope, not probability.

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