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Khaki Lackey

The Norv Turner effect

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Norv is easy going and is well liked by his players. They say his practices are laid back. When the word on the street was that he was going to be canned last season, his players all rallied to his defense. He definately doesn't seem like the drill sergeant type. Yet all he does is win.....about half of the games he coaches. 4 games under .500 career.

Any of this sound familiar?

I think this laissez faire coaching style was learned from Norv and I think Rivera and Chud were intimidated by their superstar QB.

Cam needs to have someone ****** the towel off of his head and tell him to grow up and lead the team. Not call him "Mister mopey head." I didn't mind Cam's demeanor that much until seeing him blow off his QB coach on the sidelines. That's when I realized, there is no leadership on the field or sidelines. The coaches have no control of that team.

Chud shouldn't have tailored this offense around Cam's corny-ass college play book. Cam should have been told, "You wanna win rings like Rodgers and the Mannings? You learn to read defenses like Rodgers and the Mannings."

People are starved for leadership, and when they don't get it, they take the path of least resistance.

I'm sure with a laid back coach, the road trips and camps are fun, and the team chemistry is great until the losses start piling up.

Laid back Rivera - Sub .500

Norv - sub .500

Foxy in Carolina- right around .500

Denver under Fox running the The Golden Calf of Bristol option - .500

% of fans at our stadium that are Panthers fans -.500 (exaggeration to prove a point)

We are a template for mediocrity.

I know.... Tl;dr

Edit: Seriously? You can't say sn@tch?

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Wouldn't doubt it.

Rivera stepped foot on the field being a Panthers HC laid back.

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