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What You Should and Should NOT Be Angry/Upset/Frustrated About.

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So there's a lot of extreme emotions on the Huddle today, and I understand every single one. I started a thread last night exclaiming that the product the organization put out on the field last night was absolutely unacceptable, and that the organization from top to bottom should be ashamed of themselves, and EVERYONE should be put under the microscope. I still stand by that statement. I woke this morning feeling humiliated still, and was tempted for a little while not to wear my trusty Panthers hat. ( I did anyways for those wondering, and since I live in Saints* territory, I didn't get any grief.)

This isn't a "call-out" thread for the "whiners" nor is it another "whine" thread in itself.

No, my fellow Huddlites, is removing emotion from the equation and taking a look at what you SHOULD be upset about from last nights game, and what you should NOT be upset about. So I'll begin.

You SHOULD be upset about Cam's demeanor. It's a problem he's gotta man up on. While it is nice to have someone who truly hurts as much as the fans do in a loss, he's got to man up on it. Ray Lewis called Cam last year and told him he needs to get it in check. Smitty went off on him about it last night. These are the two most passionate players in the game. When they are telling you that your letting your emotion become a hindrance, you listen.

You should NOT be upset about Cams performance last night. He played an average game against the best DL in the league. One of his INTs came off a tipped ball. The others were just forced balls trying to make something exciting happen when the game was over. I can respect that. He made some very nice throws, saw the field real well in everywhere except the red zone where he missed a wide open 89 about 48 times, and overall showed that is capable of operating a normal NFL offense in the limited opportunities he was given to do so last night, and will continue to improve in that area.

You SHOULD be upset about the coaching last night. It was horrible. Ever since the Rivera signing, the one true worry I've had is that, like the Chargers have been since the Dan Fouts, this would be a team that prized itself on offensive genius but severely lacked fundamentally. Fundamentals count more than pizazz when your playing against the big boys.

New York proved it on the very first option we ran last night when the LB stayed home to hit Cam regardless of what he did with the pitch. On a day and a half of practice, the Giants defense was completely prepared to counter our trickery. THAT, ladies and gents, is good coaching. Poor coaching is sticking with the same garbage gameplay even after its been exposed.

It was more than just the gameplan as well. It was the "minute" details as well. I pointed out in the gamethread against New Orleans that Norman gives an enormous cushion to the WR at the LOS and that I expected somebody to start trying to kill us with the 2-routes to take advantage of that. James Dator made the same observation on Twitter on Wednesday. Lo and behold, NY murdered us with quick slants and middle field routes all night long. Normans massive cushion is something that should have been addresses in practice, or on the field, or literally at any point during the Giants back up receivers bending our Secondary over the table. I don't know if it's schematic, or if Norman just isn't good enough to play press coverage, but it's on tape and week 4 shows us another great WR tandem.

You should NOT be upset about Rivera stoic attitude on the sideline, as annoying as it can be, him freaking isn't going to help. If he takes the same passive attitude in the locker room, then by all means, chew him out. (Which, tbh, I'm kind of worried he does, so there is that)

You SHOULD be upset at how JR/Marty Hurney built this football team. We have a broken philosophy and it's costing us. There is absolutely no reason that Sherrod Martin and Haruki Nakamura should have been our only options as starters at S this season. None. There is no reason there shouldn't have been a veteran free agent corner competing for the job across from Gamble this season. If Dwan Edwards hadnt fallen from the sky at the only point in the year where we use FA as an actual tool for team building, our defense could be twice as horrible as it is now. That said.. We desperately need another marquee player on the DL, and we should have been more aggressive pursuing that.

You should NOT be irritated at the young players on the field last night. For starters, some of them simply had no business being out there. Secondly, some played quite well. Kuechly got pissed off and played awesomely. I enjoyed watching him. I didn't support the pick. I don't support the pick, but I've never had anything against the player. We need more guys like the pissed off version of him on the field on defense.

You SHOULD be pissed off at the amount of Giants fans there last night. That was just pathetic. It falls on the shoulders of the owner for not cultivating a more intimidating football atmosphere. I literally can't go a week without hearing a fan of another team say "Oh yeah, I've been to where the Panthers play. I had a great time. Everyone there was so friendly." If I hear that one more time I'm going to beat the brakes off somebody with a simulated noise device. Stop letting BoA be a nice place for a social call. Wanna get rid of all the wine and cheeses we all hate? Let that place be miserable for anybody who goes there to do anything other than scream and act like a drunken wolverine.

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good post really...just couldn't really add anything


but in the interest of pie, no one pie. It will be such a neglection of pie its like getting 200 pie for one post

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Anyone wanna summarize for pie?


Cam is good, but whiney.

Rivera and Chud don't change gameplan.

Rookies will play better.

McD's defense sucks and/or we don't have the personnel.

We hate Hurney.

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When you throw picks that cost football games, your a problem. When you throw picks when we are down thirty and have no choice but to throw the ball, I can respect trying to make something happen.

It's why the Superman thing didn't bother me. Guy was just trying to rally the crowd.

I will say Norman getting abused all night but thumping his chest after the occasional misfire by Eli was pissing me off though.

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One thing is for sure: superboy is not the only issue with the TEAM. Its not all one dude

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