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Current State of the Panthers/Observations

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I am as disappointed/disgusted as anyone here but, since we have an abundance of emotional threads about firing this person & that person, let's try to objectively assess the team. Just some general observations thru 3 games:


Generally atrocious in nearly every phase.

Interior DL: not getting push now (seemed to start season with a little, last game none).

DEs: not collapsing the pocket or getting an outside rush to get to the QB consistently or rattle any QB. Alexander & Keiser are playing well in pass rush. We way over paid for Charles Johnson; I like him, but he is not disruptive enough to be worth that kind of $.

LBs: Hate to say, but so far, I am very disappointed in Beason (actually all LBs). Beason is missing tackles & not yet being an impact player; injury, yeah, yeah. Kuechly is 'getting better' even tho we got killed by the Giants; not sure why he still looks a bit lost sometimes. LBs tend to be tackling downfield, not in the back field except for few plays; sad.

CBs: are playing so far off that any team could get 1st downs the whole game by pitch & catch...oh yeah, that was the Giants game. They need to tighten up. If they get beat, well, at least they would be trying to be aggressive. Had to laugh at the comment by Rivera that Norman was playing too loose...talk to your freaking DC about that Ron; you are the HC ya know. Can anyone say press coverage? Yeah our safeites suck, but this is sickening.

Safeties: Honestly, they are playing worse than last year. Nakamura is NOT better than Martin. I hope Rivera realizes that & gets his head out of his rear. We are not stopping anyone. I am not a Martin fan, but reality is reality. Nakamura hits really hard 20 yeards down field...big freakin deal...it doesn't win games. I think JR just wants Martin off of the field, but it's not helping the team.


Adams will be fine in time, but when our STs coach is so horrendous, it's hard to get a good read on him (there must be lanes to run through). I like Admas handling both KRs &PRs (for sake of the active roster). Rivera saying that "we have 2 other guys who are great retruners" & then mentioning AE almost made me throw-up in my mouth....that is really scary if he thinks AE is a great KR option. I know I referenced the emotional threads about firing coaches, BUT...the ST coach (Brian Murphy) needs to go.


Our biggest problem is our OL; especially the interior line (Hangartner the worst of all).

OL: I for 1 think Silatulo has actualy been 1 of our best OLmen so far (definitely some rookie mistakes, but getting good push & hitting the 2nd level). Gross is has been best so far, up to the GIants game & probably still. Kalil is not looking good, but I think Hangartner's weak play makes Kalil look worse as well. Hangartner is weak against the pass rush & not getting push on run plays...we need to upgrade that position, b/c the interior OL is our weak link on offense in my opinion. Bell needs to stop penalites/holding (when he's not hurt), but overall he's very strong & not horrific.

WR, RB, TE: All are very good & show they can produce if the OL gave Cam enough time &/or created more running lanes.

QB: Cam is not playing well. When he does have time he is often still over or under throwing open guys; he is also putting the ball on a string, which makes it easier to intercept. What is up this year with his decision-making in regard to the read-option; seems to be keeping it when he should be dishing it.


HC: Rivera still has a lot to learn, but he needs to take the reigns from Opie; a D specilaist HC should never complain about the corners playing off...that was a strategic decision. Rivera we need to give some time.

DC: Opie, I do not like his schemes at all. If Rivera is helping him run the D, then it is very scary. Hopefully that position will be upgraded next year.

OC: What was chud doing last night? THat kind of pressure should have been negated by screen passes earlier in the game. Why does it seem like we are always going for the big play? A pass for 6-8 yards is still a good play on 1st & 2nd downs. Chud is very smart & should get things straightened out...last year he started slow in regards to getting the running game going; I don't like that, but maybe he is a slow starter (to the season).

STs: Already mentined him...fire (he & Opie are the only 1's I think need to go soon).

Okay, I know this is long, but what are everybodys thoughts on where the team is right now?

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