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Giants game revisited. A few surprises emerge...

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brandon_87    362

Apparently, I'm a glutton for punishment, because I went back and re-watched the game, taking notes as I went along. It's long, so don't read it if that's a problem for you, but here are my observations:

  • The Giants are clearly a better team than the Panthers. While the score would vary, they would probably beat us 5 times out of 5. Much deeper, much more disciplined than we are.
  • Especially in the first quarter and a half, the Giants absolutely dominated both LOS's.
  • DWill ran well out of the read option. His runs out of an I formation were much less successful.
  • The Giants game plan appeared to focus on not letting Cam run the ball. This helped DWill on some of the read options, but overall, it was a successful strategy for the G-men.
  • Our game plan was to blanket Cruz at all costs, and let the rest of the Giant offense beat us. They did.
  • Cam did not throw the ball well overall. It wasn't just a case of him making bad decisions leading to turnovers, he just wasn't very accurate all night. Case in point, on our first possession, he had a big completion to Olsen over the middle, but it was a great catch, not a great throw.
  • We did a fair amount of blitzing, especially early, but generally without success. Remember the Jets preseason game and TD's delayed blitz that got Sanchez? We did the same thing on the Giants first possession, 3rd and 3 from the 15 yard line. This time we sent Anderson. It didn't work. Result, touchdown Giants. On the Giants 2nd possession, with them driving for the goal line again, we had them 3rd and 8. In this case, we just sent 4, but crossed up the rushers, and we got to Eli. They had to settle for a FG.
  • It is notable to look at the circumstances around each of Cam's interceptions. First interception, we were down 20-0, Smith had just false started for a 5 yard penalty, and it was 2nd and 15. Cam's second int came when we were down 26-7, and it was 3rd and 22 after a big sack on 1st down. His last int came on 4th and goal. The point is, all of his int's came when our backs were against the wall due to down and distance.
  • Not much point in dwelling on our soft zone coverage, or the poor tackling. That was obvious and has been beat to death.
  • Joe Adams...ugh.

Two more things need discussing. First, Cam's demeanor...I was surprised when re-watching how much was made of nothing. Cam's demeanor was professional throughout the game, and was a big improvement over his demeanor in similar situations last year. Even into the 4th quarter after his first 2 int's, he was still engaged with Shula and other players, his body language in the huddle was fine, etc. Very late in the game, like with 5 mins left, he was still sitting with Shula, but at that point it was obvious nothing he or Shula said would have any outcome on the game. When Cam wasn't talking to Shula, he would typically watch the play on the Jumbotron. At the very end of the game, he was sitting alone on the bench with a dejected look on his face, but the same was true of Kuechly and Beason when they showed them on the bench. Cam went out and shook hands with Eli post-game, so no problem there. Really, all this nonsense about Cam's demeanor is just because he has a towel on his head. Good play or bad, winning or losing, Cam has a towel on his head. Why that is such a huge problem for some of our fans and media is beyond me. It's a towel. Get over it. He acted professionally throughout, despite tough circumstances.

On to Rivera. The on field reporter said he was upset about the soft coverage in the 1st half. I found that a questionable comment, given that he certainly was in a position to do something about it, and apparently didn't. I know you will think this is bs, so I dare you to go back and check...Ron Rivera was never shown on camera moving his lips even once. Not to a player. Not to another coach. Not to an official. Not into his headset. The first time they showed him speak was when he went on the field to congratulate Coughlin post-game. Frankly, I'm much more concerned with Ron's on field behavior than Cam's.

Chud's play calling was not as bad as I first thought. He tried a bit of everything, it just didn't work because of the domination of the Giants d-line.

McDermott and Murphy...not worth discussing.

Anyway, for those with the patience to read all of this, thank you for any comments you may have to add, and hope you found it helpful.

Can't believe you re watched and took the time to post all this... I had my head burried in my hands moat the game and noticed all of this... The first time, no need to ever have to re-watch that oo

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Dpantherman    558

The towel is the most useless observation the 'analysts' make. Mostly because like the OP said, he has on when he wins AND when we lose. After TDs AND ints.

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Snake    4,380

The giants oline was beastly while ours was collapsing on the right side. Very thin there

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Proudiddy    9,726

Good post Mar...

I'd like to add on to your point about Rivera and his comment about being unhappy with the soft zone.

I mentioned in one of the post-game threads that in Ron's interview after the game on our post-game show, he even said something then to the effect of "We were too soft. Especially in coverage." He elaborated on it, but it really struck me as a weird thing to say because I thought the same thing you did - doesn't he have authority to change it?

That's why I have expressed even more concern about him since the game. It isn't any longer just about our team coming out looking unprepared multiple games now... It's clear something is amiss during games as well. The statement he made in the post-game interview suggested either he doesn't have any say or that the amount of cushion our DBs and LBs were giving was completely up to their own discretion, or both. Either way, something is off.

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RelaxImaPro    5,391

Props to you for rewatching the game. I could barely stand to watch it the first time, let alone rewatch it and do a complete breakdown.

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All I know is Sean McDermott is done in my mind. Infact I have had with him, I want him gone so bad I actually hope our defense gets even worse just to ensure he will be gone without a doubt. Isn't the bye week usually when coaches and coordinators get fired? If so, Sean better be gone by the time I tune in to the Cowboys game after the Bye, he is that terrible. All 3 of our games this season the offense has scored on ALL opening drives, pathetic!

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