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Going into atlanta here is where we stand in statistical comparison to the rest of the league.

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We've had three weeks of NFL games to observe all teams on an equal field statistically. Once you hit bye weeks it gets a little more difficult until three-quarters of the way through the season because some teams' lack of an entire game's worth of raw numbers skews the stat sheet in one direction or another.

Here's where we stand in the NFL's statistical rankings, unadulterated by errors and biases in data collection.

Total Offense

By yards per game we are a respectable 13th in the league, with 363.7

By points per game we are a dismal 29th in the league, with 17.3

This is likely due to the fact that we are 30th in the league in turnover differential with -6

We are still explosive, with 6.6 yards per play, good for 2nd in the entire league.

Passing Offense

Our offense is 14th in passing yards, with Cam having passed for 798.

Cam's two touchdowns put us at 31st in the league. Only Tannehill is ranked lower. (Add in his rushing touchdowns and he vaults to a twelve-way tie for 14th place.)

Receiving Offense

Our wideouts have accumulated 844 yards receiving, good for 11th in the league.

Steve Smith is tied for 3rd with Danny Amendola for receiving yards with 296.

Rushing Offense

Our 289 total yards rushing has us mired at 19th in the league.

Deangelo Williams is 30th in yards gained with 118. He's the highest Panther on that list.

Cam has 24 rushing attempts so far this year, average of 8 carries per game. Last year his combined average over 16 games was 7.8

Total Defense

Yards per game allowed: 383, good for 8th most in the league

Points per game allowed: 26.3, leaving us tied with the Bills for 9th most allowed points

Pass Defense

Yards per game allowed: 243, leaving us at 15th in the league

Rush Defense

Yards per game allowed: 139, making us 6th in the league.

Special Teams






Conclusion: we have a lot of work left to do on all three aspects of this football team. The good news is we're actually improved on defense statistically (we were bottom five in every relevant category last year) and as Keuchly and Norman get settled in we will only improve. Cam Newton has been a victim of idiotic playcalling, but I expect that to get straightened out too.

Atlanta is going to be a big game. Let's hope we play like a better team than the stats indicate.

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Also: Atlanta is +10 on turnover differential, good for best in the league.

However, their run defense is absolutely terrible.

Conclusion: run them into the ground and hold onto the ball and we may well come out with a win.

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alternatively, you could've substituted those pics illustrating special teams with a photo of a mental patient smearing poo on the walls of a padded room to emphasize our competency in that phase of the game

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we'll get better, esp. on offense.

i'm not worried.

despite our ineptitude in those first three games defensively we're still better statistically than we were overall last season. i expect we'll improve there. offensively we'll turn around pretty quick, i agree. i think these stats are more encouraging than they are worrying, just based on the dynamics we've seen so far.

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Takeaways - Atlanta #1

.....Carolina we are better than last placed KC who has one. Carolina has 2.

2 takeaways vs. 11....that IMO is the difference between a losing team and winning team

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Turnover differential is such an important stat in the NFL.

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I hate to be so damn negative, but sometimes you have to admit your weaknesses to make progress.

What is it the defensive coaching staff emphasized the most in camp this year? Generating turnovers.

So, how do we reconcile our performance YTD with that emphasis? Small sample size? Ball not bouncing our way? I honestly don't know, but so far it sounds like perhaps we should have focused more on tackling.

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All starts with the OL and the DL. Get it right in those two phases and the rest will follow. Also getting Stew back will help immensely...

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