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Stuck between 4-3 and 3-4?

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I was actually referring to the current LBs who we have a lot of money tied up in that would be wasted in a 3-4, not our 4-3 DEs that would slide to rush LBs in a 3-4. The fact that you assumed I was referring to our D-ends when I specifically said backers concerns me. The only two linebackers on our roster we could actually use are Beason and Kuechly. Davis and Anderson would be just wasting cap...

Ok let me break it down for you son since you obviously dont understand how a 3-4 works.

Applewhite is what you call a Jack LB.

A Jack LB rushes the passer 90% of the time in a 3-4 defense

Jack LBs are not DEs. They are undersized players for the DE position and would get out powered if they faced a T alone. The idea is to beat or confuse the tackle with speed to allow them to go past.

Beason and Keek would be our ILBs

Davis would be our LoLB

Anderson would do what he does anyway and spell the others.

No wasted LBs there son. Same situation just not using Hardy as a DE.

Now go write all this down so next time you wont look too much like a fool.

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Let's just keep it real, unless things improve McDermott has to go and Ron needs to call the defense. I'm sorry but we're way to passive, I've only seen us get after the Saints with non-front four pressure mixed in. Why are we not doing it more?

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