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Statistical review of the Falcons...(premium stats included)

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I have actually watched their last 2 games, but do not remember much specifics other than their Pass D looking good and Julio Jones being a big mismatch against opposing teams corners. I'm bored at work and need to kill some time so here you go.

I'll start with the premium stats from PFF.


Matt Ryan

194 snaps, 119 dropbacks,107 atttempts, 77 completions,793 yards,8TD's 7 drops,4 throw aways,

sacked 4 times, 1 interception

Noodle arm can not go deep. He has attempted 5 passes over 20 yards, for 1 completion that went 29 yards, 1 other was dropped.

37 dropbacks under pressure,sacked on 4 of them,completed 16 of 28 passes for with going for a 1 TD(no yardage total on this stat).

They have only had 3 receivers play this season thus far.

Roddy White 182 snaps, 26 targets,19 receptions,244 yards, longest =26, 1TD vs Tracey Porter(Denver),1 Total TD, 1 drop

Julio Jones 138 snaps, 23 targets,15 receptions,189 yards,longest=31,1 TD vs Jacque Reeves(KC),1 Td Javier Areans(KC). 1 TD vs Quentin Jammer(chargers). 3 total TD's, 3 drops

Harry Douglas 117 snaps,9 targets, 8 receptions, 72 yards, longest=19,0 TD's, 0 drops, 1 fumble

They use 3 TE's but only Gonzalez is the pass catching threat.

Tony Gonazalez, 182 snaps,27 targets, 21 receptions,214 yards,longest=62,1 TD vs Marcus Gilchrist(Chargers),1 TD vs Derrick Johnson(K.C. LB),1 TD vs Mike Adams(Broncos FS) 3 total TD'S, 2 drops

Offesnive line

LT Baker, 1 sack allowed, 0 QB hits, and 7 QB hurries

LG Blalock, 0 sacks allowed, 1 QB hit and 6 QB hurries

C Mcclure, 0 sacks allowed, 0 QB hits and 1 QB hurry

RG Reynolds 0 sacks allowed,0 QB hits and 5 QB hurries

RT Clabo, 2 sacks allowed,1 QB hit, and 3 QB hurries

3 Running backs in rotation...ypc=yards per carry.....yac=yards after contact..MT--missed tackles

Turner, 101 snaps, 42 carries, 154 yards, 3.7 ypc, 74 yac,long=25, 2 TD's, 4 MT, 1 fumble

Rodgers 85 snaps, 20 carries, 57 yards, 2.9 ypc, 42 yac,long=9, 0 TD'S, 2 MT, 0 fumbles

Snelling 37 snaps, 4 carries, 10 yards, 2.5 ypc, 8 yac, long=3, O TD'S, 0 fumbles

Defense- qb hits, pressures and sacks are all counted seperate

They have used 5 defensive ends, but only 3 see signifcant time(Ray Edwards subs in)

Defensive Line

Abraham DRE(lines up against LT)..147 snaps,2 sacks,2 qb hits, 2 qb hurries, 2 run stops

Babineaux DRT(3 -tech DT, our Dwan) 164 snaps, 2 sacks, 0 qb hits, 3 qb hurries, 2 run stops

Peria Jerry DLT(Nose, our Ron) 159 snaps, 0 sacks, 0 hits, 3 qb hurries, 1 run stop

Kroy Bierrman DLE(against RT) 144 snaps, 0 sacks, 1 hit, o qb hurries, 2 run stops

Ray Edwards sub in 81, snaps, 0 sacks, 1 qb hit,2 qb hurries, 2 run stops

From right to left(compare to Anderson, Beason, Keuchly)

Linebackers----MLB is nullfied by their base Nickel Defense

SLB- Stephen Nicholas-204 snaps,1 qb hit, 20 tackles,2 missted tackles, 18 run stops, 0 sacks, gives up 72.2 percent of passes when in coverage(13 of 18) for 123 yards, 1 INT

MLB-Akeem Dent 32 snaps( no typo) does not do poo when in.

WLB-Sean Weatherspoon- 204 snaps, 1 sack, 1 qb hit, 5 hurries, 18 tackles,1 missed tackle, gives up 60% of passes in coverage(6 of 10) for 123 yards. Allowed 1 TD in coverage and has 0 INT'S

Corners- yac in this case is yards after catch, PD=Pass defensed/deflections

Samuel- 202 snaps, targeted 18 times, 12 completions for 121 yards, long=24, yac=50,PD'S 2, 0 TD'S allowed, 0 INT'S

Robinson- 202 snaps,targeted 19 times, 12 completions for 158 yards, long=28, yac=41. 1 PD, 1 TD allowed, 0 INT'S

Franks 101 snaps, targeted 8 times and all 8 completed for 65 yards, long=16,yac=31,0 td's allowed, on INT'S, and 1 PD... Important to note his snap count is low because they only brought him back after cutting him whe Grimes went down.

Safeties- yac in this case is yards after catch, PD=Pass defensed/deflections

FS- Thomas Decoud 204 snaps,targeted 9 times, 4 completions for 46 yards, long=18, yac=28, 0 TD'S allowed, 3 INT'S., 1 PD, 16 tackles, 6 missed tackles...1 INT came against Stokely (Bronco wide receiver) 2 INT'S came when in coverage against Antonio Gates

SS-William Moore 204 snaps, targeted 8 times, 4 completions for 32 yards,long=18, yac=5, 2 INT'S, 1 PD, 0 TD'S allowed. 1 INT came agaist Tony Moeaki (TE for K.C) the other came against Jacob Tamme(T.E. for Denver)

I'll add my personal thoughts/ opionons later..still got another hour to kill at work. In the interim would love to see what you guys think in regards to how we should gameplan against the Falcons with this knowledge at hand..

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We're still gonna get shitted on with the way our D is playing.

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So what you're saying is I should start B-Fell and D-Lo in fantasy.

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Based on those stats, our o-line should be able to hold their own against the Atlanta d-line. Also looks like a good matchup for CJ.

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They don't look as impressive when you read this.... the Big Uglies should be able to keep Cam white(oops, I meant clean).... which means Cam should have a big day

Dominate Early....Dominate Late

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The statistics aren't gaudy but the offense has been remarkably efficient.

Matt Ryan is far from a "noodle arm". You just might see a few deep balls to see if the rookie CB can cover Jilio Jones or Roddy White.

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This is an O-Line gut check game, period. Our starting 5 need to man up and blast open some running lanes and establish the tempo early. We need to win the coin toss and score on the first drive.

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