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Embarrassed by Jerry Richardson again: He was one of the leaders to keep refs locked out

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I think if he really cared about winning Hurney would be gone. It doesn't take a huge amount of football intelligence to realise Hurney is terrible. I don't believe JR is dumb enough to not realise this. He is a smart man. Thats why I think he cares more about money, keeping the organization running than forming a consistent winning franchise.

Yea, apparently it takes little to none.

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you're reaching...

still a bad/weak comparison.

Could be, who really knows what goes on within the deepest recesses of NFL franchises?

I am basing my statement on the behavior of the these two owners and the performance of their teams as they age(d).

Al Davis was brilliant in his day and the record books back that up, but as he aged he was not able to replicate his earlier success. The Raiders suffered long and mightily because of foolish management decisions that would have never happened in earlier times.

JRs reported behavior over the last few years, w/ labor negotiations, his presser with charts and his serious health issues are all reasons for concern. If JR actually thinks Marty's era of mediocrity is justification enough to retain him you can add that to the growing list of indicators that a successful business man may not be as discerning as he once was.

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Panther fans - "Our owner is a good business man and runs a profitable organization"

Cowboys fans - "Our owner has 3 Super Bowl rings"

Patriots fans - "Our owner also has 3 Super Bowl rings"

Steelers fans - "Did someone say something about running a business, wtf"

Cincinnati fan - *pulls out gun* "Gimme all yo money bitch!"

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