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The 11.5th Man at BofA against the Sqwaks

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Ok, I know the stadium will be 2/3 full Sunday because our fan base is pretty damn sad. With that in mind, it's time for the 11.5th Man to show up and make some noise Sunday. I know a 12th man is too much to ask for so I will settle for a fraction here. Put down your wine, your smoked Gouda, and your smart phone. Show up and make some loud ass golf clap noise people.

I own a smartphone, and quite enjoy a delicious Cabernet and LOVE smoked Gouda. That being said, I've been to prison and will stick an opposing fan in the neck quick when I'm drunk. Plus I'm obnoxiously loud at football games when I cheer for my team. Especially when it's the Panthers, because I'm always in enemy territory.

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Guest Hokebuck

Russell Wilson fans will be there.

NCSU and Raleigh will be in full force! :)

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