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My Cam Newton rant.

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Cam does not play defense which is the real reason we lost and will continue to lose. Cam was pretty much carrying the offense himself and was the main reason we were in the game. Cams own man helped knocked the ball out not that it matters because Cam has to play perfect with this shitty defense, and he wasn't perfect yesterday.

Blame the defense.

Oh look Micheal Turner is back to his normal self. I wonder why?

Here is visual evidence of their ineptitude all day.


Blame McDermott

After giving up the huge play, you have to know they will use the flats and sidelines to stop the clock. Giving up those two other plays is just plain dumb.

Blame Rivera

The overwhelmed comatose statue, cant trust Newton, Stewart and Tolbert to get us an inch. What is Hurney giving them so much money for? Nevermind. Pinning them on the one yard line wasn't a sure thing and was about 3 inches away from being a touchback. Twenty yard line would have been a disaster, one yard line gave us a good chance, but not as good as getting an inch with Cam Newton as your QB.

Blame Nakamura

Jesus Christ! Even the sugar coaters blame him. Norman did his part on the the long bomb to White. Hard to tell if Norman was bad yesterday or if Naka just kept screwing up.

Blame Captain

That PI was horrendous as long as you dont let Jones get any YAC, and definitely not to the sideline, and that would have been great.

Dont blame the player who played best on our team. This loss is not on Cam. Without him, we get blown out.

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Everyone likes to say we wouldn't have been in the game without Cam. Thats true but we also wouldn't have been in the game without Nakamura's interception in the end zone in the first quarter or the 7 sacks the Defense turned in You win as a team and you lose as a team. Plays made in the first half count the same as those made at the end.

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