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Gregg Doyel: Cam Criticism Unfair

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Decent read. And OKAY, it's not a race issue; but it's a fair point that the writer is african american and taking up for Newton; and I am saying this as a Cam fan. One of the biggest Cam homers there is. And I think african americans tend to like Cam Newton more..... and I think that part is unfair. White guys like Cowherd/Werder/Esiason and most guys in the media seem to want to latch onto anything negative about the guy. They don't talk about how he could have thrown for 400 on Atlanta this past sunday, oh because we lost. The only story is he was late to the bus. WTF?

I just don't get it. Newton has been pretty good this year all but against the Giants. Everyone needs to settle the F down about Cam. He's good. If the team around him improves and the coach can actually coach to win, he'll be known as a winner. I'd tell Greg Doyle he just flamed the fire some.

BTW I'm white and I love Cam

Doyle is white...does that give Doyle more credit as opposed to an african-american defending him?

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    • You don't see white people glorifying thug life and blaming the police when they get caught. I had a juvi tell me straight up that he believed he was a man now cause he shot somebody. Tell me what's the problem with that. Clearly it's the police? Right??
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