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Argus Plexus


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Uh RE shifted into a third person action/shooter with cheap japaense gimmicks. Game feels more like it should be on a physical arcade almost.

This is no longer the great puzzle survivor horror more concerned with scaring the poo out of you through captivating you into a errie story giving you a sense of doom and putting you in beatifully detailed situations with twists and turns everywhere. But still in the same place ( a mansion/streets of city).

Sorry but anything after 4 sucked ass and even a couple before then sucked. 4 was amazing on the gamecube. So was eternal darkness.

But poeple want action now days, they want different kinds of guns, lots of blood and visuals. Sad really :(. I just got done with trying six and it makes me so sad such a great game continues to die. Hell, a great genre seems to be dying as well.

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