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Only for the Non-Sheep

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A lot of people like to tout their perceived intellect and bash one candidate over another, but the truth is they are completely ignorant of any of the issues and pride themselves on remaining so. Well here is your chance to demonstrate some actual intellect. I challenge you to present an actual argument. Not some pre-chewed tv-pundit BS but an actual point of view. Show how this election will effect you, or show what is important in a presidential candidate. Debate if you are worthy because if you arent, believe me, the huddle will laugh. No candidate bashing that is not an argument it just proves that you really dont know anything about the issues.


  • Keep it reasonbly short. (noone is going to read 3 pages of a 5 sentence topic)
  • Do not cite websites that are obviously biased and or not credible (wikipedia, fox news etc...)
  • You may refer to a candidates argument but do not bash his character, intellect or anything that is irrelevant
  • Keep on topic, this is about America as a whole and through that what is important to you as a voter

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I will start off.

As an American who grew up poor, from poor parents who came from poor grandparents my views of the role of government are not that we should recieve handouts. I do however feel that the federal government has a responsibility to the general welfare of the nation (Preamble). I believe that this includes things like health care and education.

I feel that because of my fortitude but most importantly because of my military service I will have no problem providing for the education and health care of my family. However, I remember what it was like growing up in the ghetto going to a dilapidated school in NC where the floor to the cafeteria was caving in while we were eating there in elementary school. My parents gave everything they had to give me the best opportunities they could. My father served 20 years in the military and my mother worked everyday. But we barely had ends meet, and they could not just uproot and get us to a better neighborhood with better schools.

Millions of kids are facing this. My belief is that while some schools will always be better than others (some parents will participate more than others or donate more money), No school in America should be considered bad! This can be achieved by establishing a committee that sets a minimum to the quality of education and the funding to public schools.

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Agreed..I went to school in Fayetteville NC and they had issues. Your zipcode should not become your destiny. That is how you sustain economiclly depressed areas.

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    • Best suited for a rotational role
    • We just resigned Cody until 2020-21 and Frank will be on his rookie contract until 19-20. I think we don't need to worry about this at all. The biggest issue we have will be Kemba, but since Kemba and Dwight expire at the same time we will have plenty of money. That Howard trade really helped free up Miles 12m at the right time.  Now, as far as fit is concerned. Zeller just makes everybody look better. He will help out the second unit tremendously. I think he will be a great fit with Monk and Frank in that 2nd unit.  Teams go small, take out Dwight put Zeller in. Marvin not shooting well, but in Frank and team with Dwight or Zeller.  We now have options, something we didn't have last year. 
    • Depends on what the play calling looks like this year. I try to avoid judging individuals on the success of a group, unless it's the HC. If Shula's play calling looks like hot garbage like it has so far and Cam & co. are just making up for it like in 2015, then yes I'll continue to hate him. If the playbook (and situational playcalling) is indeed better then I'll be glad and start warming up to Shula.