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Seahawks @ Panthers Game Thread

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We don't call it luck when opponents make plays when opportunities present themselves

I'm not talking about that play specifically. But just the fact that we are playing poorly and we somehow find a way to turn the ball over when Seattle has been moving the ball.

We are lucky to be in a position that we are in.

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I wish Cam would stop forcing throws to Cam though tbh. Olsen has been open a bunch. Even the announcers see it.

Olsen is open right over the middle every time. As good as the Seattle D is, I don't think they have a coverage option when Olsen runs patterns.

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This is what happens for other teams.....they dont win games bc their QB plays lights out every week. The rest of the team steps occasionally......would be nice to see the rest of the team win a game. would be a good confidence builder for the overall team

You are so right. It's clear many on here don't realize that you WIN as a TEAM and LOSE as a teaam.

Not sit there and wait for your QB to do it all. But it seems by the attitude of many on here that has always been the attitude.

They clearly don't pay attention to these games. I do because I have a QB, Eli, who seriously have his days. What QB throws 3 Ints in one game and still walk away with a over 500 passing yardage and a win? If it wasn't for the Giants understanding that you have to do your job and that is to help the QB, the Giants would have NEVER been 2 time SB champs in FOUR years.

Maybe the Panthers and fans would abopt that attitude.

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