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Seahawks @ Panthers Game Thread

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Panthers Offense: 4 Points (FG & PA)

Panthers Defense: 6 points (Int)

Seattle Gimme: 2 points

WOW! For Everything else, there's Master Card! :D

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Olsen open a lot today. Why we don't use TE slants, esp. two TE sets more is beyond anyone's comprehension. Older or not, 4 mil or not, not resigning Shockey was a mistake too. Look what short dumps to TE's does for Brady, Brees, El. etc.

Running game at best sporadic this year. Throw some 2 WR, 2 TE, sets at them with a running QB and a blocking/running/short receiving RB and see what you get.

And quit running up the middle all the time. Throw/run/screen to the sidelines some and for God sake's let the KR/PR run somewhere other than straight ahead. Mentor Adams for a solid week on catching/protecting the ball and cut his azz loose again.

Leave Keek at MLB. In a lousy game with hardly any help, he led with 7 tackles, 4 assists, and INT, and what should have been credited as a half, if not full sack.

Cover the damn middle on D and play the secondary tighter M2M. If they can't keep up, replace them.

Kudos though to Cap'n who finally had a pretty good game, but he is not a returner. TD still showing good form despite his knee.

CAM...go back to tossing a ball at a swinging tire and target someone other than Smitty. Make some reads before the snap and bark out a few words besides ready and hut. Rookies can do that. Keek was calling out adjustments all day when they had a mic on him and he had 4 games under his belt before today, none in the NFL at MLB. It can be done.

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I think it's kind of funny that some complain last week when we run the ball to pick up a first down that would clinch the game but also complain when we tried to throw the ball to pick up the go ahead TD. The thing about both of those plays is that when it comes down to it, it has little to do with the play call. It comes down to execution.

Cam would have picked up the first last week vs ATL if it wasn't for the fumble, not the play call. If Cam makes the throw to the open Hartsock instead of throwing it in the turf, we are up 1.

Not defending Chud, or anyone for that matter, but it's a lot more than play calling.


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So what you're saying is it's too late to send him to Tampa???

I'm afraid so. Also too late to give him to any other NFL team. Even if we paid them to.

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Can we stop pretending that Cam isnt having a sophmore slump. He played horrible today.

The entire offense is having a sophomore slump. Cam is, sure, but the whole fugging offense has taken a massive step back this year. Just imagine what a player like Cam Newton could do under a good coach like Bill Belichick or Jim Harbaugh. I wouldn't blame Cam at all for leaving the second his rookie contract expires. This franchise is going to waste his talent and potential.

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Last weeks loss was actually upsetting. This loss is just a wtf feeling. Just tired of loosing close games every yr. We could easily be 3-2, instead, we're pretty much done.

Literally done with the Panthers. Will not watch any more of their games. There is much better football entertainment to be had each week than watching the Panthers fug everything up. I'll still root for them, but I will not watch their games.

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