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How do you show your Panther Pride on game day?

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I carry over my college tradition.. garnet on gameday.

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    • I just don't get the love affair everyone has with this kid.   Every highlight video I watch on him I'm left feeling like he looks more like a 2nd round prospect to me.  
    • It was the head of the DNC who violated her own party's rules and then repeatedly lied about it in public, not just some party members. Then... her replacement was caught cheating by providing questions to Hillary ahead of time. CNN terminated Donna Brazile for her unethical behavior. So, there you have it... the two last chairpersons of the DNC... charged with ensuring a fair/unbiased democratic primary were caught lying and plotting to ensure a Hillary Clinton victory... caught by their own emails... thanks to WikiLeaks. And yet somehow it is beyond your ability... even at this late date... to recognize and admit systemic corruption within the leadership of the democratic party... only 18 months until the midterm elections. What is the democratic party left with to combat the RNC and Trump... same thing Hillary used in her attempt to win the WH... claiming they are the least worst choice for America.  It didn't work for Hillary in 2016 and it won't work in 2018/2020. You, Rodeo and the DNC are fiddling while Rome burns to the ground.