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Why Does Rivera need a headset and Mic?

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I've supported Chico when a lot of people have turned their backs against him, but like many others on here my time sticking up for him is dwindling. He clearly is clueless when it comes to time management and seems to relegate all of the duties and responsibilities to coordinators. If that's the case, then why pay him to be HC? I don't know what goes on in that locker room or during practice but during the game it seems as if he's apathetic and that rubs off on the team. The shots of him while staring in space when a player has just made a mistake piss me off. If he were Harbaugh or someone like Brian Kelly or hell, even Fox, he'd be getting in players' faces and motivating them to do better. Instead, he simply stands there as if to say, "oh well, we'll correct that tomorrow in practice." The team plays with no chip on its shoulder - it looks as if it's simply going through the motions.

If this team goes on a slide similar to the manner in which the Bucs did with Raheem Morris, I'd be all for showing him the door. This team needs a fiery leader and not an apathetic babysitter like Ron seems to be.

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I was going to post the same thing, why the fug does he have a headset, he never talks into it, NEVER. It's 4th down and instead of talking to any player he is getting something out of someones helmet, isn't that what a fuging equipment manager is supposed to do.

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ya seeing that blank expression on his face as we are about to go 1-4 is a concern to say the least... if this team's season and his head coaching career means anything to him, you sure as hell wouldn't know it by watching him on the sidelines.

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