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saX man

Cam not in the Huddle & General Complaints

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Someone educate me please. Why does Cam stand outside the god damn huddle for so long stretching every f*cking down? He was even standing there watching the Around the League Highlights at one point today. This falls more on coaching...I really want to hear a decent excuse for the sake of my sanity.

General complaints:

-Hurney needs to gtfo. I'm done with this guy. There are no more excuses. Every personel move since 08 is just a fuggin joke

-Richie Brockel is the worst ST blocker I have ever seen (3 weeks running now)

-"Addressing" the secondary does not mean getting a Raven backup and drafting a kid in the 5th round from Coastal f*cking Carolina

-You don't pay a backfield this much god damn money in today's NFL. Stewart is the only one worth a damn. Ridley, Morris, Battle, Draughn, etc. etc. they are a dime a dozen.

-Tolbert is not a good fullback/h-back whatever the f*ck our staff wants to call him

-Cam, look at god damn Olsen or LaFell

feel free to add on

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Why you gotta drop the GD?

These rants just make the OP's look like bitches, IMO.

not really a rant god dammit

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We are just a bad team. Accept it

Denial is an ugly thing...after this game, I finally accepted that we're not that good at this point...It gets easier to watch the games too once you accept who you are

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