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Fug this season. Let's look forward to the draft!

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Umm, the Saints have a 1st rounder this year.

They probably take Star Lotulelei.

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Yeah we need to go defensive tackle in the first and DB in the second.

It's still too early to talk about the draft though, some players that are in the top 10 conversation right now could end up going undrafted.

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We will probably be picking in the top 10 again next draft. Our biggest needs are FS, DT, WR, G, TE, and T. If we were to do the draft today, we would have the 6th overall pick.



3-New Orleans

4-Kansas City



As we all know, the Saints** don't have a first. So really we would be picking 5th overall.

1-Cleveland - Geno Smith

I don't see Cleveland sticking with old man Weeden too long if they continue to be a doormat all season, especially since they will likely have a new regime next season (Again)

2-Tennessee - Barkevious Mingo

Tennessee doesn't really have a dominant pass rusher to make opposing offenses pay, no disrespect to Morgan and Wimbley (They haven't done sht). Not only would one of these players be BPA at this pick, but Tennessee is sticking with their man in Jake Locker. They like what they have in him. For now. So no QB 2nd overall.

3-Haha fug the aints**

4-Kansas City - Barkley

I think KC has finally gotten the message, the Matt Cassell experiment is over. Lucky them, one of the top two QBs dropped into their laps because the Taints** are dirty fugers.

5-Jacksonville - Jonathan Hankins

Despite Miami using a top 10 pick on the 3rd rated QB in the draft this year, I don't see that happening again. Not Jacksonville anyways. If there is a regime change, you might see Tyler WIlson or Tyler Bray if he decides to come out. God help him if he does. But as of right now I would have to put them taking probably the top defensive player on the board not named Mingo.

And here we are at 6 with the pick of the litter.

Jarvis Jones

Bjoern Werner

Eric Reid

Jonathan Jenkins

Luke Joeckel

Keenan Allen

Sam Montgomery

Star Lotulelei

Justin Hunter

Jonathan Banks

Take your pick, fellas.

I'd take a long hard look at Jarvis Jones. The kid is a ferocious pass rusher. Look at the difference Bruce Irvin has made in Seattle. Banks would be great and hard to pass up, but we can probably hold off on CB until the 2nd. Looks like the value is in Hunter or Allen.

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Keenan Allen is legit. There are lots of players that would instantly start on this team. I feel we can get a starting safety in the 2nd round. TJ McDonald or Tony Jefferson would step right in from the 2nd round.

Got to go with a top flight WR or DT in the 1st round because those positions are very difficult to get a good quality in the later rounds. Seeing as how Rivera doesn't value DTs in his scheme (Rivera said you don't need great DTs to win), I think they go WR.

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