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The Huddle and Me

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My day yesterday:

6:00 - wake up, make breakfast, pack lunches for the boys, send them to bus stop

6:45 - work on emails and calendar, post nonsense on Huddle

7:30 - Huddle not responding, hmmm

8:00 - crap, Huddle really not responding, investigate

8:15 - Error logs point to certain file, open file, its completely corrupted. Other files, same. Ugh

9:00 - Start uploading backup, take shower rush to NBC to record segment

9:30 - Record segment

9:35 - Head to studio

10:00 - Photoshoot with two sisters in lingerie, one from Atlanta the other Fayetteville. Work on Huddle in between wardrobe changes.

2:00 - Head home, get to work on Huddle. Have to redo every fuggin thing in this joint.

4:00 - Help boys with homework while working on Huddle

8:00 - Huddle is back up

8:15 - Read bitching and moaning, get depressed

8:17 - Watch Dexter and Homeland

10:30 - Sex

10:32 - Sleep

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