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One thing is miss about Fox

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Aside from 2010 he always did a good job of getting them team to bounce back

2004- started 1-7 then went on that great run and almost made the playoffs

2005- started 1-2 then went on a 6 game winning streak on our way to the nfc championship

2006- started 0-2 then got to 6-4 before a horrible 4 game losing streak but finished strong the last 2 games

2007- finished the season out respectably despite having no quarterback

2008- team bounced back strong each game after all 4 losses that regular season

2009- Won 4 out our 5 final games after a horrible 4-7 start

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Yeah I guess it's just too much to ask for a HC who can build a team that is mentally tough enough to be good for a full season.

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well this team cant even bounce back at all. Id rather be mediocre and occasionally really good rather than just flat out horrible

Flat out horrible is at least definitive and gives you something to be pissed about. Mediocrity will steal your soul slowly over years and years.

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I don't know how to reply to this thread other than, F%CK JON FOX! He didn't take us to the superbowl. That personel did. Kasay was our highest scorer that year. J Fox doesn't know offense from a whole in his backside. Gimme a break. I am as frustrated as anyone, but I am also realistic. Jon Fox can ride Manning to hell on the horse he rode out of here on. I promise if Fox was still here Cam would hase never been drafted and he would have rode Clausen til the end. Or he would have made a jackassy trade to get Kolb. Or hell orton knowing him. If you really want to see this team get better you'll have to give it time.

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And tj Yates

that was at least a team that won a playoff game. they sure looked good grinding the bengals into paste.

besides, a good many of those late season john fox "bouncebacks" and winning streaks were against bad teams or otherwise strong squads resting their starters like the saints in 2006/2009 and the bucs in 2007. also can't forget 2004 when all we had to do was beat the poo ass saints and we're in the playoffs but we couldn't pull it off.

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