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SI: Cam = Vince Young

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the article was dumb to compare it to vince young but it did have some good comments from Bill Polian.

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the season is not even half way through and Cam has struggled.

Lets see if he can bounce back through hard work and film study before we call Cam Newton Vince Young.

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I have a bad feeling about this.

I do too man. If the national media starts hating a guy and having the whole country jump on his back everytime something goes wrong, he will have a hard time making it. Vince never had Cam's arm or accuracy, but he did have that ability to carry a team. He was okay until his mom and Fisher said that they thought he went crazy. It seems like Cam has lost his ability to carry the team because when he did do it last year, the defense pulled him back down with them. Nobody is talking about how we tried to win an NFL game with the four plays on Tecmo Bowl Sunday, two running back fumbles, the probowl reciever dropping passes, or the already weak o-line playing with injuries. It is all Cam and he is taking a step back and he is the reason we lost. He is a beast, but when the beast is in the middle of the arena with on-lookers in the stands and trained assassins in the ring, it can be killed. In Cam's case if they mess his mind up, he will never be any good to anybody. It pisses me off, because our fanbase has started to agree with national media and that never happened here before.

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