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This Sunday will be _________?

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a good time to do some archaeology poo

Had no idea you were into archaeology at all until that post about you taking a hiatus for work. I respect that. I collected many rocks and minerals as a boy growing up. I was always fascinated by stuff like that, and read a lot of encyclopedia stuff prior to the Internet breaking out. I figured that there wasn't much $$ in it, so I got into communications instead.

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lol what in the world would possess you to do that?

14+No authority figures present+one of those dart guns with the foam darts with the suction cups on the ends.

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a slaughter. We are going to kick the sh** out of bye. They are just terrible.

I'm they will find a way to blow it and come out with a loss.

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    • Of course, he's so massive he has his own gravitational pull. 
    • You miss the point. Taylor was here before. We picked him because of what he could do for our wide receivers not because he had some great knowledge no other person had on the staff. Shula and Rivera and Gettleman studied multiple college systems for months before signing Taylor or drafting McCaffrey or Curtis and would have drafted the same whether Taylor was here or not. They liked the way Taylor developed McCaffrey which showed his talent but Stanford's offense wasn't Taylors idea or unique to him. Shula has a connection to Taylor as early as when Shula was at Alabama.  The debate was whether Taylor was chosen to replace Shula because Shula didn't know what to do to run a college offense and if he screwed up Taylor would replace him. And that Taylor was the reason and most influential in getting McCaffrey. I said it wasn't even close to the truth and this plan predated Taylor and was more thorough and we'll thought out. Everything since then just confirms I was right once again like usual.  
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