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Guest Bwood

Male bus driver uppercuts female passenger on tape

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Zaximus    4,433

Yeah the article just makes it more clear, that you can't really fire him for this, I don't think so at least. What do you want bus drivers to do? There is no security there, they probably feel like their life is in danger all the time. Can any human seriously tell me you can sit there taking minutes of verbal abuse, then have someone grab your throat, and spit at you, oh, and hit you so the steering wheel moves abruptly? I bet the punch and the steering will jolt was half fear/half anger and the guy's adrenaline took over. At the end of the day, we are all humans, and we can all sit here and say he shouldn't have hit her because she's a woman, but if you are pushed to the breaking point, things like that happen.

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Proudiddy    9,604

Wow... wow...

I knew from the parts of the video we saw that she had to have made some physical contact with him, so I thought his actions were justified. But, to do ALL of the things she did to him and all she got was that solid uppercut and a few seconds of choking??? She should consider herself lucky. AND he didn't want to press charges on her?


He's a better man than me... That spitting thing would've taken it to a whole new level. Hit me, fine. But then you spit on me? I most likely would've beaten her unconscious then start driving, open the doors, and kick her out while moving, lol.

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Proudiddy    9,604


Her Facebook profile... You can't make this stuff up... Her status update from May 21.

Self fulfilling prophecy? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


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