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New Questions For Presidential Candidates

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Understandable, and I like most of your posting this is the tinderbox after all I check any soft feelings when I enter.

U have feelings? What a woman.

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Is the chart the same on those sites as it is on the one he used? If that is the case, then it doesn't make any difference, unless you are disputing what he said and not the chart itself.

Don't get me wrong, I fully agree with ignoring articles that come from biased sites like Huffington or Worldnetdaily, but if its chart that is used by several sites without being changed, then the source doesn't make much of a difference.

If the information was as streamlined as the website I used, I would have used it instead. I knew before I posted that someone would be derping about the source.

Most informative sites I've found talk specifically about senate confirmations or votes to end filibusters.

And let's not pretend Harry Reid isn't a one man filibuster when the House sends up anything budget related.

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speaking of "derping", there's a whole hell of a lot of "derping" going on at the top of this list


The data that powers this site comes from a number of sources including: Senate.gov and Govtrack.us. XML files from these sources are pulled in, parsed, and aggregated daily.

My premise is that a vote against a cloture motion is equal to a vote for a filibuster. So basically, the obstruction rate is the number of Nay votes on cloture motions, divided by the total number of cloture votes in the given time period.

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Forget all your graphs.

When Obama took office, he had both houses of Congress. In the words of his great Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanual. "we have the numbers f-ck em" when speaking of Repubs

Repubs were not even included in meetings or discussions.

When Dems had control, you see where their hearts really were, "f-ck em"

Bipartisan indeed

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