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I fully expect us to lose next week!

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I just saw Dallas run it down the Baltimore Ravens' throats on their opening drive. This is the Baltimore Ravens' Defense. 1-5 here we come.

Please try and convince me that you still have hope, and that we will win next weekend... I implore u to do so. It's not gonna happen though.

I've tried the expecting us to win thing every week and it hasn't worked. I'm down to try this and see how it pans out

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Yeah people still associate the Ravens D as some unstoppable lockdown defense but they simply aren't that anymore. Still a very well coached team though with some hall of famers and excellent DL. Haloti is maybe the best DT in the NFL.

Sadly, I expect the Panthers to lose to Dallas also.

Remember when we were all bashing Prisco for predicting a 3-13 record from the panthers this season?

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i fully expected another shitty thread from TCF!

Have you seen the threads that have been created in the past several weeks? Not like the bar is set high

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Are you guys insinuating that our defense is better than theirs? If so, I highly suggest some stat checking on your parts

Nah dude don't think the Panthers defense is better than the Ravens.

One thing about the Cowboys is Romo can lose games for you. All it takes is for him to throw a bad pass or two and you can easily get him rattled.

If the Cowboys win this game - it could actually work in our favor because they are going to have to put a lot into this game to win.

Cowboys win - ESPN back on the Cowboys media machine and everything is lovely in Big D. Romo looks like a "super bowl QB" again and everyone will go ahead and scratch an easy win against the Panthers.

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