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Panthers drafted no significant contributors

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panthers55    5,378

Boy you are dense.

18 Drew Carter, SE 6-3 200 9/5/81 R Ohio St.

25 Joey Harris, RB 5-10 205 12/18/80 R Purdue

26 DeShaun Foster, RB 6-0 222 1/10/80 3 UCLA

31 William Hampton, CB 5-10 190 3/7/75 3 Murray St. (KY)

32 Rod Smart, RB 5-11 201 1/9/77 4 Western Kentucky

39 Damien Richardson, S 6-1 210 4/3/76 7 Arizona St

42 Travares Tillman, S 6-1 190 10/8/77 4 Georgia Tech

48 Stephen Davis, RB 6-0 230 3/1/74 9 Auburn

59 Jessie Armstead, LB 6-1 237 10/26/70 12 Miami Fla

77 Kris Jenkins, DT 6-4 335 8/3/79 4 Maryland

79 Doug Brzezinski, G 6-4 305 3/11/76 6 Boston College

89 Steve Smith, WR 5-9 185 5/12/79 4 Utah

92 Kavika Pittman, DE 6-6 273 10/9/74 9 McNeese St.



72 Bruce Nelson, G 6-5 301 5/12/79 2 Iowa

You won't admit when you are beat, dude. You should have Googled the actual IR list (may have helped your arguement). We were missing Smitty, Jenx, Davis and Foster--Staters. You can whine about all the second string guys all you want. Did all of those guys go on IR Week 1? Were most of those guys (if not all) of those guys on there when we won 6 games in a row in the second half of the season? So we could have been winning all along with guys plugged in holes.

RBs were the area we were hurt at most and Goings had 3 or 4 100 yard games; he stepped up. Moose posted the best stats of his career.

So if we lose 4 starters this year, we should fold like a lawn chair, right? Guys did what they were supposed to, but as a team we didn't get it done.

Oh and BTW, HOMER, I'll take 11-5 evey year with the minuscule odds of missing the playoffs. TWO times in playoff history--HISTORY--ah, I'm communicating to a brick wall here. Nice chatting with you.

I think you had something to say before you went with the personal attacks. Could have left them out and still had a good discussion. I looked for the info and didn't find it so thanks for posting.

As for starters it isn't just whether they start but who they are. The Patriots lost Brady, gee just one starter, but it was crucial so it means alot. Losing Smitty, Davis and Jenkins was huge. Over 65% of our offense in 2003 went through those Smith and Davis in our "feed the stud" mentality. Armstead was a key linebacker free agent pickup who was supposed to start but got hurt before the season started. Brezinsky was a starter and Nelson was expected to start as well. Seems to me that is 6 starters including your number 1 receiver, your top 4 running backs, two of your starting offensive linemen and arguably the best DT in the league at the time.

That doesn't hurt or change the likelihood of winning?

As for NE they did well last year- surprising so. Still according to many posters here, if you don't win the Super Bowl every year it was a waste of a year. Not sure I agree but......

The issue here seems to be you think you are in a contest to win some sort of prize or contest. I thought it was a discussion to see if we disagree or agree. Wasn't that your premise? Seems to me that is okay as long as we agree with you. If not then you go with personal attacks.

If you had this information then why not share it to begin with as part of the discussion.

This has obviously strayed far from the original topic so we can keep it up or return to the discussion or agree to disagree. Frankly my ego isn't tied up in whatever happens nor do I think I have to win or get in the last word. We could agree to discuss the merits of this without personal attacks going forward.

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Peppers90 NC    3,043

what? they say a team with 21 of 22 starters returning didn't draft a signficant contributor?


not to mention a 12-4 team, thats a shame.

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User Name    25

After reading through all of this, I'll have to go back to Mr Scott's post. After the last few years I've learned let the plan play out. I didn't understand the Kalil pick.... Now I do, I didn't understand the Marshall pick.... Now I do... I didn't understand the Stewart pick, still debating it in my head, but I'm sure it'll play out. I think this year’s draft class could be the same.

Immediate impact players are destined for a team with "needs" Like Scott said the Panthers aren't one of those teams right now. I'm not convinced they take the "BPA" but they do seem to be drafting for the future.

Like all of the other "Jake Haters" I wish they'd take a franchise QB......... But I have to admit if nothing else Jake has bought them time to build up a solid as hell base. 21 of 22 off of a 12-4 year with prospects in the wing is about as good as I could ask for.

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ncbobcat    1

I We could agree to discuss the merits of this without personal attacks going forward.

Agreed. Sorry, but the "Einstein" thing kind got it started. Nothing personal and I never truely got upset.

We're cool. :D

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scpanther22    458

My .02 on our draft strategy:

While we didn't have any emergency needs, when Brown dropped into the forties, Meeks went into hyperdrive to convince Hurney/Fox that he could turn him into the next Mathis/Freeny. With the Peppers situation it made perfect sense to attempt to find a trading partner. However, WHY didn't we use our 2nd/3rd to trade up (almost an exact draft chart match). Instead "Whimpy" (I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today) Hurney decided to trade our next year's #1 pick again. My guess is that they had already identified Martin as their HAD TO HAVE pick. We now have 3 of the top 5 TEs in our division and we are going to have to have someone who is big and fast to run with them down the middle of the field. Between Beason, Godfrey and now Martin, we will be in pretty good shape. Additionally, With our cap pressure we can't be assured of being able to sign Robertson etc. for out DT rotation, so they probably felt they had to save their 3rd for this purpose. Irvin certainly wasn't the BPA, but hopefully he's good enough to give us help keep the starters fresh.

well...i think it may have been the fact the 49ers..prob were going to take brown themselves..they needed a OLB who could rush..the passer...we prob had it to make it worth it to not draft him..

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