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Atlanta baseball coach rapes nine year old

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An Atlanta baseball coach who was charged in the 2009 rape of a 9 year old boy. The coach visited the home of the child to encourage him to join the local team. The child refused to join. When the coach left, the child repeatedly told his mother how he did not feel comfortable with the man.

Two weeks later, the coach

returned to the house with food, balloons, and a PlayStation. The child was very excited. Minutes later he joined the team. Four days afterward, the coach came back to the home. He asked the mother if he could give the child private lessons on catching the ball. She agreed.On June 18th, 2009 Atlanta Court documents indicate that the mother heard her son sobbing. She ran into his bedroom and saw the baseball coach having anal sex with the 9 year old. The mother then ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large “turkey carving” knife, and assaulted the coach.

-Me personally I dont she went far enough but what Im more concerned with is men targeting single women who have daughters/sons in an attempt to get at them...

thoughts..again the picture below is gruesome as hell

Read more: http://www.balleralert.com/forum/topics/did-the-mother-go-to-far-and-a-better-question-is-are-men-like?xg_source=activity#ixzz29hVBylGb


good for her......she should have continued cutting...POS

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No need to understand the reasoning, we never will. I am proud of this woman for delivering some serious damage...imagine walking in a room and seeing this, many of us would have done the same or worse......I hope the jury lets her off

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I would not vote to convict her of anything... She should've killed the turd.

People are so shitty... So many worthless dirtbags in this world. How could anyone do that to a kid?

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To do that while the Mother is in the house. The guy isn't/wasn't all there mentally.

I'm not excusing what he did, he deserved to have his manhood sliced off by her!

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