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Tyrell Sutton just blew people up

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In the UFL, but still. Found this game while flipping through channels, and he had a monster TD run where he demolished three guys on his way to the end zone. I'll see if I can upload it to YouTube... it's just the UFL, so I'll be stunned if any copyright issues come up. But it was a pretty nice run.

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Ha... I just noticed Eric Norwood was involved in this play for Virginia. What is this, the Rejected Panthers Bowl or something? :lol:

Although in Sutton's defense, there was simply no room for him on our loaded RB corps.

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Okay...but, but...Tolbert has to be better because he was more expensive and has played for San DIego...

I realize that this is like the minor leagues...and the defensive tackling was weak, but there's something to be said for a guy that's young, healthy, affordable, and executes plays.

That was the reason Sutton looked good during his time here (with limited opportunities), he simply went out onto the field and executed the play. Who's willing to bet that we would have a better record with Sutton and Shockey than we will with Tolbert on this O? We also might have been able to afford a slightly better upgrade at FS (which has become a disaster). How many drops does #35 have?

Sutton looked like a poor man's Rashard Mendenhall on that play. Or very similar to the style of J-Stew.

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