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Kuech the Sneak

Big Matchup game today

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Texas A&M vs LSU

OTs Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews


DEs Barkevious Mingo and Sam Montgomery

So far the tackles for A&M are man handling the DEs from LSU

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Great match ups.

Possibly 4 next year 1st rounders.

As good as the A&M linemen are, I really hope we don't go OLINE in the first 2 rounds. Though, Gross is older and people can make case at drafting one, we have much bigger needs at other areas.

We can go look for one through FA or look for one in 2013. Linemen always come out the draft year after year.

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I want Eric Reid

I love Eric Reid. My favorite player going into this year.

How is he actually doing this year and in today's game?

Drafting Reid will all depends on where we draft next year. I dont see Reid or any other Safeties in this draft as a top 10 pick. I wouldnt mind taking Reid or McDonald 15 or lower. There are a lot of really good safeties that are upgrade over Naka and Sherrod that will/may still be there in the 2nd or 3rd rounds (Lester, Jefferson, Vaccaro, Elam, Rambo, Swearinger). If we get a top 10 pick, we gotta go with BPA in a run stuffer or pass rusher.

Barron was drated no.7 overall, can anyone make a comparison between Barron and Reid?

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    • Glad you can point to 1 off season to hang your hat on, when it comes to your opinion.  Doesn't give you much to stand on. What exactly are we crowning him anyways?   
    • I'm sure he's learned his lesson not to have a conversation with our fan base because of the way this way blown out of context. He didn't ask a question. He didn't imply anything. However, the same fans that only read headlines and then share posts on Facebook (without reading the article) decided to make all kinds of accusations and assumptions about this. So yeah....Bill should be more clear because we aren't very smart.  Edit: FYI...."if picked up" is not a question it's a statement. Should he have just assumed instead?
    • Nate Silver did an analysis on this, and not sure which party it would benefit more but what he did say was that it would likely hurt GOP more to pass it than for it to fail That is how unpopular this bill was