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The guy was fierce, afraid of nothing and woud not stand for the moping that goes on during our losses. We can talk about how great someone on this team is, but Sam Mills will NEVER be replaced....

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The other part of the "Keep Pounding" line used the next year is "Never Forget". I have a black hat I bought at the stadium with Never Forget stitched in blue and the numbers 51 & 58 on it. I think of Sam and Mark every time I look at it, almost daily. I remember that first win, Sam's interception. With Death Valley being much smaller than BoA Stadium we were very close to the field on the Panther's bench side. I could see the look of surprise on Sam's face when Brister seemed to throw it right to him. lol

He is an upstanding, good example of what being a good human being is all about. As things get tough (and yes it will get worse before getting better, it always does) if the players and coaches and FO and the fans reflect on the legacy that Sam Mills left us, we will be a better group of people for it.

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