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Panthers = Laughing stock of NFL

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Worst winning % since what is it 2009 or 2010?

Browns > Panthers....(yikes)

Opposing teams disrespect us...Earl Thomas with the Cam folding under pressure comments,

"junior high offense" comments from Dallas...

1-5 record after a super bowl guarantee this offseaon..

A coaching staff that believes in a system of football that doesnt even come close to the rest of the NFL.

Now I ask this...who is going to stand up and end all of this? Who will be held accountable? When will we adapt and overcome?

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Only team worse than us is K.C.

Wouldnt say that. KC is a tough stadium to play in. Wanna make a wager on that game?

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sadly i don't think anything at all will come to pass until we bottom out...again.

we paid our current players too much to do anything about the predicament we are in. New GM? may help, 2-3 years down the line. New coaches? May help, but will we find someone who will actually , sadly, be an upgrade over what we have?

Most everyone agrees we probably need to think of doing things differently and going in a new direction .....but, where? Do we have anywhere to go? What are our alternatives?

Hey, bright side of this....if we tank the next 2 years maybe we can draft someone really good this year and Jadeveon Clowney next year....lol.....like i said...bright side...

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JR needs to go find a GM within the bright asst. executives of either the Ravens, Patriots, Packers, Steelers, or Giants! Someone that has witnessed and been a part of building a yearly contender. It needs to happen now, so this GM can have a finger on the pulse of the locker room before the offseason

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