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Did everyone give 100 percent? Yes, there were some missed opportunities. But, every game has some woulda, shoulda coulda’s. I don’t expect a win every week from a perfect game each week. I do expect 100 percent from everyone. And each player has to dig deep and find the fight to follow the mantra to “keep pounding” in the face of this adversity. I hope management does the same. I hear about how Rivera screams and I hear Marty’s shaken voice of disappointment, but I don’t see 100 percent from management. In fact, I see more effort from the players than I do management and here’s why…

It’s the responsibility of management to well, you know… - manage? That means holding folks responsible. It’s not really complicated, but Panthers management has failed thus far when it comes holding everyone accountable. That includes the poor referee calls. Otherwise, everyone –except the referees are accountable. Where was the outrage from management? There was lots of blame to go around for the players, but crickets when it came to the referees. Apparently, everyone is not accountable. The difference for me is that the term “everyone” includes the referees. I don’t expect a perfect game from the referees. This is not about whining over something we cannot change. However, I expect management to include everyone in their critic. When the Panthers lose, I’m ready to rip Mike Ditka’s head off on national TV. So, you might say and I’m not in the forgiving mood. Is it too much to ask for an opportunity to win? That opportunity was there – but, it was taken. Every opportunity that was missed faces scrutiny including the ones the referees missed. Regardless of the outcome, I expect someone to scream bloody murder or shake-rattle and roll when it comes to accountability. In other words, I expect the same effort from the referees, players and management. How can anyone expect the players to fight for you when you fail to fight for them? This is their opportunity to fight for the team. Write a damn letter! Kick the commissioner’s dog! But, don’t let any missed opportunity go without accountability. Otherwise, it’s MY fault and it’s YOUR fault for having more heart than management. After all, it is their role and it would probably mean a little more to Commissioner Goodell to receive an ass chewing from Jerry Richardson than a stern letter from me, but I love to see the look on his face just the same.

In the end, the team played with heart against Dallas and I expect the same effort will yield a win in Chicago next week. However, until management shows the same fighting spirit by holding everyone accountable, I don’t expect a forgiving mentality to help our team.

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