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The Ultimate List of Everything Wrong with the Panthers

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This post is my conclusion of the Panthers as an organization and team right now. The list will be the most cited statement of criticism since Martin Luther's 95 theses! ^_^ Okay, on with it........

3. Cam Newton

No, this isn't a criticism of Cam's talents and skills as a QB. The guy has shown us he can play in this league. You don't break Peyton's rookie record on passing yards unless you can throw ball like a pro. Cam has great potential. My criticism of him is simply this, where is your attitude when it comes to mastering the QB position? Why do you celebrate so much, when our team stinks so badly? Why do you let Rivera and Chud push this college offense on you, and you have no qualms about it?

I mentioned before if I were Newton, I would march right in Rivera's office, and tell him I refuse to run another read option until I have mastered the position of QB. Until I am known more for my arm, than my legs. (And even after that, only use the read option about as much as the Jets use The Golden Calf of Bristol on offense.) Newton is a young player, and you expect young players to mess up and grow from it. Yet a little more is put on Cam's shoulders. As he is our QB, the most important position in all sports. With all that responsibility, comes more accountability. So along with improving himself and his play, he is also responsible for the guys around him. Cam got to make sure his guys are playing up to speed, and quite frankly, this includes the coaching staff if they are putting him in bad situations. So Cam needs to march in Rivera's office, and tell it like it is.

2. Marty Hurney

Oh man, where to start with the job he has done!?!.............

Firstly, he vastly overpaid at least five guys on our roster. (D-Will, Godfrey, Johnson, Gamble, and now perhaps Beason) Secondly, he gave J-Stew a contract extension, yet neither Stew nor D-Will touch the ball at all. So with that, all of a sudden we found ourselves with no money to spend in free agency, and barely enough money to sign our rookies, in a capped rookie era! With Hurney sticking to his "build through the draft" mantra, he decides to bring in a couple of free agency's rejects. Guys like Haruki Nakamura, Reggie Smith, and Mike Pollack. Mike Pollack hasn't started in spite of our problems on the O-line, Reggie Smith is no longer with the team, and Haruki is better suited to be on the event staff tackling streakers who should run on the field.

The one move I congratulated Hurney on, was bringing Mike Tolbert here to the Carolinas. A lot of people thought this move meant Stewart was going to be traded. (Looking at how things have gone, trading Stewart would have been the best thing to do) Yet when we landed Tolbert, I began thinking on our backfield, and immediately got this image in my mind.....


I mean I thought we would have to nickname our running offense "Top Gear" with these guys. I also want to say even with our expectations of Tolbert's running and catching ability, I was most excited about Tolbert's blocking ability as a fullback. We haven't had a competent FB since Tony Fiammetta, and a great FB since Hoooooooooov! Yet ultimately so far, I'm starting to coin Tolbert as the "Failed Experiment". Not only are we not using his skills very well, but I've seen paper bags block guys better than him. I honestly haven't seen Tolbert provide a decent block all season, of course to be fair, he haven't had that much opportunity to play FB in this offense. The saddest thing about the Tolbert signing, is it seems we gave Tolbert, Shockey's money. Not having two viable TEs have hurt this offense deeply, and outside of the O-line and LaFell, Shockey was the only guy that could run block efficiently.

So to wrap up, the only move I thought was a stroke of genius on Hurney's part, turned out to be a killer for our team.

And the number one thing that is wrong with the Panthers............

1. Ron Rivera and Co.

I don't care how many guys Hurney overpaid, or how many in-ept players he brought in through free agency, this team still have an abundance of talent. Particularly on the offensive side of the ball. I'm probably over exaggerating a bit, but this may be the first playoff calibur team (I think we are good enough to win our division) that was done in by the coaching staff.

Rivera and Co. has made our probowl ethic running backs looks like flat out amateurs. Both D-Will and J-Stew are pros. The ultimate tag team. They are not seen as a starter and a back up, but both are consider starters. With this combination, they have extended each other's careers by three years at least. However with this coaching staff, they barely touch the ball at all. This coaching staff has probably extended both of their careers by 7 years, because they are assurred not to get hit from the lack of carries. Even when they do touch the ball, they are met with 3-4 defenders, who gang tackle them to the ground. I never seen such a misuse of star running backs in my life watching the NFL. I've seen teams give the ball more to aged running backs at the end of their career, than I've seen our young guys touch the ball.

Secondly and most importantly, this staff have effectively held back Newton. Instead of increasing Newton's abilities to run a full offense, they took him back to a college rule offense. They have officially babied our leader! (This is why I say if I were Newton, I'm in Rivera's office right now telling him to dump this read option offense) After this season, who knows if Newton's psyche has been damaged to the point where we need to think about trading him and starting over. It's pure criminal what this staff has done to Newton. Think about it, this staff has spent an entire off-season filling Newton's head with this college style offense. (And Newton was still fresh out of college as it is) Michael Vick is still learning how to be a QB, and I don't think Vick's first coach plugged in a lot of college plays in his first two years.

Of course Cam is way more talented than Vick when it comes to QB skills, but I have a concern whether or not he will be able to fully run a pro offense at some point. That was my concern when we drafted him, and after this season, I'm now afraid his psyche might have been damaged. (After having so much success his rookie season)

With that, I conclude my list. I actually wish I had more to list, because the Panthers have been so bad this season. Surely there have to be more wrong with this team right? Nope, as you all already know most of our problems lie in coaching and management. Of course I also criticize Cam's attitude and leadership.

In working to correct all of this, I have only one request of Jerry Richardson. Our next head coach needs to be an offensive genius, who knows how to teach QBs. Bump a defensive minded coach, right now we need cats in there that will educate Cam to the max. We need coaches in there that will sit Cam in front of some game tape of Peyton and Eli Manning's careers. See how they audible at the line, switching it to a run play because they see an opening in the defense. Let him watch QBs who do the little things like that. Give him a staff that will teach him how to effectively read defenses, and teach him that his running ability is a trump card. (Not teach him to use his running ability as a main weapon in the offense) That is what I really want from our next HC, and have some command with the defense. (Of course get the team a great DC and a new GM)

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Seems to be the general thought.

I took some folks from overseas to the game today and we listened to FNZ on the way home. They were bitching about Tolbert making $10M.

$10M for your running back!!! my guests said. That's so much money.

Actually our 3rd running back....

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the ultimate list is 3 things long, and doesn't include JR?

Listing JR seemed to be a little redundant for me. His problem is hiring guys like Hurney and Rivera, so I just listed a request about an offensive minded coach.

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The Ultimate List of Everything Wrong with the Panthers

1. Hurney

2. Chud scrapping the base offense last year for this piece of poo read option crap

3. Rivera not getting it

4. Hurney

5. paying RB's the gross national product of Fiji and only using them 3-7 times a game.

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i honestly think if chud hadn't gone batshit crazy with this read option poo we'd be discussing our position in the race for the division title

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