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Cracka McNasty

I know you guys like hyperbole and all, but there's more to this than JUST Hurney

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We suck. We suck hard. We suck for many reasons. Reasons that can't be fixed by changing 1 thing. We suck across the board and I think this is an indication that this team is getting blown up this offseason.

We fired Hurney, and for good reason. Just because Johnson is upset does not mean it wasn't the right move. His decisions over the past 5 years have been questionable at best and have led us to the basement where we seem to be trapped in the dark. He was not the only problem though. Please understand that. This team is so broken, from the foundation to the leaky roofs, we need to tear it down and rebuild. That's the only way this mess of situation is going to get fixed. It would be nice if Hurney was the sole reason we suck, but he isn't.

As much as I want to believe in Rivera, I don't think I can anymore, and I think he and his staff need to leave at the end of the year. We need a new GM with no ties to the organization who can look at the whole thing with an unbiased eye and see what needs to be fixed and how to execute it. No one is safe. NO ONE.

And that's good. I'm sick of losing and I'm pretty sure everyone else is too.

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Yeah I kind of realized I did that right after I posted this thread... Sue me, I had to run back to work from my lunchbreak. You have any idea it is to post diatribes on a phone? With autocorrect messing with your wagon? Yeah it sucks...

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You are absolutely right the housecleaning isn’t over.... New GM's bring in their pick for coaches and their own staff.

When fixing a sports organization you have to bring in someone that isn’t in love with the players and have emotional ties... When emotional ties make you sign players instead of player value, the team ends up with bad contracts.

Hurney was the perfect example of that. From what I have read he was an awesome guy he just wasn’t the best GM anymore. He has made some excellent pickups but he has made more questionable moves than anything else over the past 5 years.

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