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Arthur Blank vs Jerry Richardson

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Home Depot is where you go when you want to fix stuff up. Hardees is where you go to______.

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Isn't this where the rubber meets the road? It all starts at the top right?

Not sure what you are asking....but you guys realize JR owns the team right...only JR or mother nature can fire JR

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I'm not going to comment on Mr. Richardson, I will comment on Mr. Blank however.

Mr. Blank has had only 2 losing seasons since purchasing the team, a 7-9 campaign and the 2007 debacle with dog fighting and a coward coach. Seriously, think about that objectively it's quite an accomplishment considering the only thing the franchise had was an aging dome and Vick.

Before Mr. Blank purchased the Falcons we we're pretty much the laughing stock of the NFL, well us and Cincinnati. Our previous owner made franchise killing decisions such as always having the smallest player pay-roll, scoffing at the idea of having an adequate scouting department, refusing to re-sign our own star players, etc. We, as you know, never had back-to-back winning seasons and only had 5 play-off appearances(I believe)

When Mr. Blank took over he made several quick and impressive moves to gain fan support. He lowered season tickets to $100, he opened training camp to fans and offered free soda and popcorn and renovated the Dome. The culture of being a Falcons fan changed, seemingly overnight. We actually started to believe we had a chance to win.

Mr. Blank purchasing the Falcons is without a doubt the best thing that's ever happened to this franchise.

Flame Away!!

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I agree with everything you said....

That being said, Arthur Blank does look like Vincent Price and Mike Smith looks like the Joker (without any makeup).



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