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Kirwan on Jarrett

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I wonder how many of those misses were bad throws

well, according to the info that i found there was only one dropped pass and every QB is going to have some bad passes because of pressure or whatever put on him and there will always be moments where he throws it and the receiver isn't where he is supposed to be.

smith had a little under 130 targets last year but only 78 recps (which is still pretty good) and only 6 drops.

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I don't remember any crucial drops last year from Jarrett, but I do remember him making a few very crucial catches. I like his size and his hands. He does not have blazing speed, but neither does Moose. I think you will see more production this year since he is the clear cut #3. Chances are that Smitty or Moose will miss time at some point. That will be his chance to really shine.

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I was thinking the same thing.

Ricky was money on 3rd downs... or when we needed a quick change up for WR targets to move the ball quick.

I am pretty bored at work... so this might be odd... but, I went thru game by game and broke these stats out on Jarrett from last season (including the playoffs):

Completed passes

1st down catches - 2

2nd down catches - 3

3rd down catches - 6

4th down catches - 1

Total Catches - 12

Catches for first downs - 10

Incomplete passes

1st down misses - 3

2nd down misses - 0

3rd down misses - 7

4th down misses - 0

Total Misses - 10

Games when played and not thrown to - 1 (Chicago)

INC's are misleading though because Jarrett is only one part of the equasion..

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In Jarrett's case, it isn't the quantity of catches that makes me believe he will make the leap this year, it was the quality of the catches. In traffic and during crucial stages of the game, he always came through when called upon. In fact, he was also open many other times, but was not targeted. I think last year was a year to earn Jake's trust, and with that trust, this year he should become a legitimate threat and target for Jake.

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Considering how long its taking/took him to learn the system, I really don't see how we can put much confidence in him. Sure, he can emerge as a reliable 3rd option, but I just don't see him propelling himself to the next level.

There have been a lot of good WR's that took about 3 years to really get it, so that doesn't bother me at all. Also, it's been pointed out many times that this is a run first team that usually prefers to used two TE's and two WR's, so the third WR is never gonna light up the stat sheet on this team.

All in all, I believe Jarrett will be fine.

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